COMIC REEL: Tatum on Gambit's Solo Potential; "Powers" Heads to PSN in December


Marvel has debuted a new Rocket and Groot "Guardians of the Galaxy" poster featuring the two CG characters in the heat of battle.

Opens August 1


Channing Tatum has all but been officially confirmed as Gambit, and the actor has stated he wants to see the kinetically-charged Cajun in his own film.

"We've talked about it being a standalone, first, and actually trying to change the 'hero' superhero movie," Tatum told MTV. "Because Gambit is not your typical hero. He's a thief. He walks on the gray. I'm hoping we can change it a little bit, and then ultimately feather into the other ones."

However, the actor emphasized that deals are not closed as of yet.

"Creatively, we're starting to chug forward. Obviously there's nothing official," he said. "There are only conversations and dreams right now, really."


"Powers" will debut in December on PlayStation Network. Revealed at this year's E3, Brian Michael Bendis showed some new concept art and spoke a bit about the show's approach to adapting the popular comic book series.

"Every case is going to show us something new about our characters, it's going to show us something about what we've developed in the comic, which is a pretty sprawling mythology about superheroes," said Bendis. "It's also going to show us what a world with superheroes would really be like, how we would really treat them; how they would immerse our culture, how they would affect our fashion. We're just immensely proud of it."


A clip from "Transformers: Age of Extinction" featuring Mark Wahlberg and Kelsey Grammer aired on The Late Show with Dave Letterman last night, and has been posted by Comic Book Movie on YouTube.

Opens June 27


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sigourney Weaver is set to return to the "Avatar" sequels, despite the fact that her character Grace Augustine died in the first film. Weaver will return playing another character in the "Avatar" universe.

Sigourney and I have a long creative history, dating back to 1985 when we made 'Aliens,'" director James Cameron said in a statement posted by THR. "We're good friends who've always worked well together, so it just feels right that she's coming back for the 'Avatar' sequels. Her character of Grace Augustine, as fans know, died in the first movie, so she's playing a different and in many ways more challenging character in the upcoming films. We're both looking forward to this new creative challenge, the latest chapter in our long and continuing collaboration."


"Snowpiercer" screenwriter Kelly Masterson discussed adapting the French graphic novel "Le Transperceneige" starring Chris Evans.

"I've never done it before, so I don't have anything to compare it to. The process wasn't difficult at all," Masterson said of adapting a grahic novel. "We took the world created by the graphic artist and we took the central character. A lot of the rest of it was invention and jumping off what they had given us. We wanted to tell some side stories. I am always drawn to father/son stories. [Director Joon-ho] Bong sort of gave me free rein to write a couple of really interesting relationships that weren't necessarily in the graphic novel. That is the father-like character that is played by John Hurt, who is Chris Evans' mentor, in the back of the train. Then there's a father-like character in front of the train, played by Ed Harris."

Opens June 27

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