COMIC REEL: "Supergirl" Producers On Crossovers & Competition; Rumored Spider-Man "Civil War" Pic Emerges


A number of new "Supergirl" details were revealed during the show's TCA presentation. The Hollywood Reporter's coverage of the panel revealed that Red Tornado, General Sam Lane and Non will appear on the show.

It was also revealed during the panel that the show will be influenced by the classic Richard Donner "Superman" films starring Christopher Reeve. "I think that's the thing, is when you go back and you watch [the films] again, if you remove the action set pieces -- just the sort of sweeping vistas and the size and scope of it -- it had something that, I think, just imprinted on our brains at that time in our lives that I associated with what it meant to tell a superhero story," said executive producer Greg Berlanti. "But, yeah, it was a relatability. There's times where we've watched the dailies and [Supergirl actress] Melissa [Benoist] is sort of ‑‑ is fumbling or doing what Clark Kent may have done in a scene or a sequence like that, and to me it's the most evocative since Christopher Reeve in terms of capturing, I think, that sort of relatability. And that was our hope and our desire, but you never know if you're going to be fortunate enough to do that."

Berlanti also spoke about the various reactions they've gotten from fans after the release of the trailers and reveal of Supergirl's costume. "We experience it with any show we introduce," said Berlanti, who also produces "Arrow." "What's interesting to us is we have a similar formula for all shows. [When we revealed] the costume for the Green Arrow, there was initial conversation about that. It's a healthy dialogue -- anything that gets people talking about the show in this environment and gets people to check it out."

Coinciding with the TCA press tour, CBS released a new TV spot for "Supergirl."

The panel also shed light on whether or not "Supergirl" will crossover with "Flash" and "Arrow" since the series' trio of leads have been photographed together for promotional images, with CW executive Nina Tassler saying: "I'm just saying right now we're not doing it. We're doing it promotionally, but we always stay open. They're very very inventive in terms of what they can and will do in the future."

Tassler also spoke to the decision to put "Supergirl" up against Fox's "Gotham" on Monday nights. "Well, I think that they're different audiences," said Tassler. "I think 'Supergirl' has a much bigger, broader audience. It's more family entertainment. And they look different, they feel different."

Premieres October 26 on CBS


CBR spoke with new "S.H.I.E.L.D." regular Luke Mitchell about joining the show full-time as the Inhuman Lincoln.

"I can't tell you much apart from what they've given me for my character," said Mitchell. "I mean, [Skye and Mac], they're kind of starting to look for new Inhumans, and I've kind of been searching for my own thing. I think at the end of Season Two and the climax there, it's more about Lincoln trying to work out who he is and where he stands, because he feels a bit betrayed by both sides. He doesn't know where he fits.

"The Lincoln who's been introduced in Season Two is going to be a very different Lincoln in Season Three, just in terms of -- the audience is introduced to him in a hierarchy of Inhumans," continued Mitchell. "And that's like his safety net, his backbone. Just, like, a version of him. And now that he's been betrayed by that, you're going to be introduced to him outside of that, and he needs to work out where he stands and where his allegiances lie."

Returns September 29 on ABC


"Arrow" has announced that three new actors have been cast ahead of the show's fourth season. Parker Young will play a recurring character named Alex Davis who will be a love interest for Thea Queen; Elysia Rotaru will play a former love interest for Oliver Queen, most likely in the season's flashback storyline; and "True Blood" and "Hannibal" alum Rutina Wesley will appear in a multi-episode arc as an unrevealed character.

Returns October 7 on the CW


This is most likely a fake (like the picture of Harley Quinn giving the new Joker all those tattoos), but RedCarpetRefs have posted a pic of what might be Tom Holland's Spider-Man suit from "Civil War." The image is said to come from the footage Disney will screen of the film during this weekend's D23 conference, but it's worth pointing out that some sites -- like the one ComicBookMovie.com calls out -- have pulled the image. And no matter how spot on the pic looks, remember that fans created that Spider-Man "Age of Ultron" post-credits scene that fooled a lot of people too.


A number of sites have pointed out that a lot of seemingly important scenes from the "FF's" trailers, tv spots and teasers are nowhere to be found in the final film. Hitfix, Uproxx and Collider all have lists that you can compare. The most shocking cut scene from the trailers? The Thing's airplane dive into a military base; yep, the scene that was used in nearly every trailer is nowhere to be found in the final product.

In theaters now


Mark Hamill will reprise the role of Trickster once more, following turns as the character in both iterations of "The Flash" TV show.

I just can't quit him!! #Trickster #LEGOJLDoom https://t.co/FliSlIDC8a

- Mark Hamill (@HamillHimself) August 10, 2015

You can see the LEGO feature-length adventure's trailer here, as well as get a rundown of who Hamill will be joining in the cast.

Arrives in stores on August 25


Variety has reported that the pilot episodes of Fox's "Lucifer" and "Minority Report" as well as NBC's "Blindspot" and "Carmichael Show" have popped up on several piracy websites. According to antipiracy analytics firm Excipio, "Lucifer" has already gathered more than 141,000 torrent clients across the globe. The leaked copy does not bear a watermark and is authentic; the source of the leak remains unknown.

Premieres on Fox in 2016


The Tracking Board has learned that the feature film adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's mature readers series "Nemesis" has moved from 20th Century Fox to Warner Bros.


The most recent post on director Bryan Singer's Instagram feed features Ben Hardy's Angel on set in a curious role -- that of apparent host of a Berlin fight club in 1982. The actor can be seen in the pic's dual monitors holding what appears to be a microphone. The hashtags give away that Angel is standing in the German fight club.

#eastberlin #1982 #fightclub #benhardy #angel #xmen #xmenapocalypse

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Opens May 27, 2016

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