COMIC REEL: "Suicide Squad," "Civil War" Casts Appear On Set; No "Supergirl" Crossovers Planned Just Yet


Shots of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc and what appears to be Jared Leto's Joker jacket have appeared on Twitter.

Stoked to see the full costume of #KillerCroc.You won't be ready for this.Can't wait for you all to see #SuicideSquad pic.twitter.com/JehMJAYT7d

- Thalia Worldwide (@thalia_ww) May 15, 2015

Additionally, Margot Source has new pics of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn on set.


In an interview with ComicBook.com, David Ramsey expressed his desire for his character John Diggle to put on a mask when "Arrow" returns for season 4.

"I do think you need some kind of concealment," said Ramsey. "I agree with that. And to that end, they are working on something. You will see something for Diggle next year, season 4. You will."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Hot Toys has unveiled their upcoming Vision figure via their Facebook page.

"Well, I was born yesterday." One of the biggest highlights of the record-breaking Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron is...

Posted by Hot Toys on Thursday, May 14, 2015

In theaters now


A cryptic tweet from Mark Ruffalo has led some to believe that Bruce Banner will be making an appearance in the film.

The Marvel family gets just a little bit bigger. http://t.co/0PnXdLhGTP @captainamerica #CivilWar

- Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) May 14, 2015

One of Umberto Gonzalez's latest rumors posits that Hawkeye and Black Panther will have a fight scene in the film.

HOT RUMOR! In #CAPTAINAMERICA #CIVILWAR, #Hawkeye has a huge fight against #BlackPanther! Who do you have as the winner? I got T'Challa because as Wesley Snipes once famously said, "Always bet on black!" #MarvelStudios #MARVEL #marvelcomics #MCU

A photo posted by Umberto Gonzalez (@umbertogonzalez) on

More set photos from the film's mysterious funeral scene have emerged, this time of Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Emily VanCamp and Scarlett Johansson. You can check out the photos at Just Jared and Romanovsa.Tumblr.


In an interview with ComicBook.com, Victor Garber revealed that his character Martin Stein will appear in one more episode of "The Flash" that will set up the upcoming spinoff series "Legends of Tomorrow."

"I will appear on The Flash again, filming this July, before 'Legends of Tomorrow' starts up," said Garber. "That will setup the team and what's next for Martin Stein, and serves as sort of a preview episode."

During CW's Upfronts presentation, network president Mark Pedowitz confirmed that "Flash" and "Arrow" will have annual crossover events. "The crossover was so successful, we will be making it a special event in fourth quarter every year," said Pedowitz, as reported by Deadline.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Carlos Valdes spoke about the likelihood of his comic book counterpart Vibe showing up on the show.

"I think, yeah, that'd be really nice," said Valdes. "I can tease that fans can expect some big questions about the Vibe mythology to be answered in the next episode, the season finale here."

Returns this Fall on the CW


The CW has released the first trailer for "Legends of Tomorrow."

A behind-the-scenes featurette for the show has also been released.

Ciara Renee, who plays Hawkgirl on the show, spoke to ComicBook.com about what attracted her to the show.

"I think the fact that she's a girl is amazing! We don't see many superheroines, so it's going to be great to see a couple more bolstering the team," said Renee. "And, you know, she can fly! Which is not half bad!"

Premieres in 2016 on the CW


Only a day after cameras started to roll on the pilot for AMC's adaptation of "Preacher," executive producer and co-director Seth Rogen tweeted out the first photo from the set. The dimly lit image takes place in Arseface's bedroom and features the silhouettes of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and the aforementioned teen, played by Ian Colletti.

#Preacher pic.twitter.com/9FTe0OxxqC

- Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) May 15, 2015


Both Latino Review and Umberto Gonzalez have heard from unnamed sources that Asa Butterfield has been offered the role of Peter Parker in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man franchise. Marvel has not released an official statement regarding Spider-Man's casting.

Opens July 28, 2017


Variety has reported that crossovers are not in the cards for "Supergirl" -- at least not yet. Executive producer Greg Berlanti has said that CBS is not yet interested in crossing over with the CW's DC shows.

"The network has said publicly at this point they're going to keep her to themselves," said Berlanti. "I always approach the shows as a fan first, so I would love to see (a crossover). I think in success, all things are possible. But there's a lot that would have to happen before everybody might say yes to that."

Premieres this November on CBS


In an interview with Spinoff, Kodi Smit-McPhee talked about his audition process for the role of Nightcrawler.

"They got me to do -- which I really liked -- one of Alan Cumming's scenes [from 'X2'], where he was explaining the scars on his body were from archangel Gabriel," said Smit-McPhee. "And they just had me do it in the accent. So I think that was really smart. I didn't know if it was going to be in the actual movie, as like a moment rebooted. But it wasn't."

Smit-McPhee also hinted that movie Nightcrawler may be confirmed as the son of Mystique and Azazel, a fact that is canon in the comics. "I think they tried to stay overall, just because it's X-Men and such a big following, they tried to keep it pretty traditional as much as they can. And even with the stories, they intertwine with Mystique being my mother and Azazel -- so you know they can touch on that. I think people are going to be very happy. I've read the script and I think they know what the fans are expecting, and even fans of Nightcrawler. So, I'm very happy."

Director Bryan Singer has also posted a picture to Instagram of what he calls a "mutant guided owl."

My brilliant first A.D. #JoshMcLagen #Titanic #Avatar #XmenDaysofFuturePast #Xmen #XMenApocalypse masterfully puppeteers a mutant guided incoming owl. Odd, I know. :)

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Opens May 27, 2016

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