COMIC REEL: STAR Labs Hosts A Showdown In "Flash" Pic; Ejiofor "Excited" For "Doctor Strange"


TV Insider has a new photo from "Flash" season two as well as a bit of info about when the new episodes take place.

"We pick up about six months later, and we're going to piece together how the storm has affected everyone," said Grant Gustin, who plays lead Barry Allen. Gustin also weighed in on how different the world will be now that he's stopped the time-traveling bac guy Reverse-Flash. "It's not as different as you'd think, but as we move forward, some things will blow fans' minds."


In the latest installment of TVLine's Ask Ausiello, the subject of Felicity's codename came up. Michael Ausiello asked "Arrow" EP Wendy Mericle about the possibility of Felicity getting a codename in the upcoming season.

"Dig is out in the field, so there's a necessity for [him to have one]," said Mericle. "But not quite yet for Felicity, although you never know. We all love the idea of her getting her out there more and being a badass. It's just a question of finding the right way to do it."

Returns October 7 on the CW


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Henry Cavill discussed whether he sees Superman with Lois Lane or Wonder Woman.

"This is a very long discussion because there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered," said Cavill. "I mean, who is better for a super-powered alien, a human or a goddess? Yes, the goddess can do all the normal things, which we would think are normal in a relationship, and not have any fear of Superman. But you also need to have that baseline of humanity, which Lois provides. And literally keeps his feet on the ground, keeps him down to earth. So that's more of a debate than an answer."

Opens March 25, 2016


During an appearance at Wizard World Chicago, a fan asked Jeremy Renner if his Hawkeye would ever wear a mask like his comic counterpart. Renner said no, as reported by ComicBook.com, saying that his version owed more to the mask-less "Ultimates" version of the character.

With Black Panther making his debut in "Civil War," there's a possibility that a purported Easter egg from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" could play into the film. The possible egg, spotted over on ComicBookMovie, reveals information about Andy Serkis' Ulysses Kaue and his possibly canonical backstory with Black Panther.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chiwetel Ejiofor opened up juuuuust a little about "Doctor Strange."

"I am doing 'Doctor Strange,' and I'm incredibly excited about it," said Ejiofor, then added with a laugh: "That's all I say." The actor did praise his co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Tilda Swinton.

"He's a good friend of mine," said Ejiofor. "So, it's gonna be fun. And Tilda Swinton -- I haven't worked with her, but I'm excited to work with her. She's brilliant."

Opens November 4, 2016


AMC has announced via a press release that the "Fear the Walking Dead" premiere scored the highest ratings of any cable debut ever with 10.1 million live/same-day viewers. The previous holder of that record was also an AMC series: "Better Call Saul," which attracted 6.9 million viewers in February.

The Wall Street Journal has published the storyboards used in the production of the show's opening scene, which takes place in an abandoned church.


Deadline has reported that upcoming Bond Girl Lea Seydoux has been offered the female lead role in "Gambit." If she takes the part, Seydoux will play Gambit's wife Bella Donna Boudreaux.

Opens October 7, 2016


While speaking with CBR, actor David Mazouz teased big things to come for Bruce Wayne in "Gotham's" second season.

"Season two is really going to be the transformation of Bruce Wayne to Batman," said Mazouz. "Last year, Bruce Wayne was grieving. He was determined, but he was just determined to find out what happened to his parents. He was determined to know who his dad was and what Wayne Enterprises was, but he wasn't Batman. In Season two, Bruce is going to be Batman. His transformation is going to be huge in season two. I'm so stoked."

TV Insider also has a photo of the not-quite-Batcave, which Bruce Wayne discovered at the end of season one.

"It changes everything in Bruce's life," said Mazouz of the development. "It changes how he sees Alfred, the criminal side of Gotham, even how he sees his parents. It's definitely not the Batcave. What is down there are clues to Thomas Wayne's secret life and what he was trying to do before being killed."


With "Vixen" debuting on the CW Seed today, ComicBook.com spoke with the show's lead voice actor Megalyn Echikunwoke about bringing Vixen to life.

"Vixen is a superhero that I have always wanted to exist, but I didn't know she actually existed, so getting to play this and coming on is kind of like jumping on a bullet train," said Echikunwoke. "The fans are so excited and they're so rabid for the stories and everyone knows so much more about it than I do, so I am just playing catch-up.

"I think it's really exciting," she continued. "It's really kind of a dream come true in that way because I've always wanted to portray a superhero like this and I didn't know that it existed. I always wanted to be the person to portray that character, and I thought it was going to be a new character that I would portray, but Vixen is way better than the superhero that I imagined playing because of her cool power. I think it's really cool that the world gets this superhero because she's black, she's young, she has an interesting story but she's still very all-American, which isn't unlike my own story, so I can relate to her, and she also inspires me."

Streaming on the CW Seed now


When asked on Twitter if he'd be up for starring in a spinoff prequel with Michael Rooker once "The Walking Dead" ends, Norman Reedus answered affirmatively.

that sounds super fun https://t.co/RU8SLgIBve

- norman reedus (@wwwbigbaldhead) August 20, 2015

(via ComicBook.com)

Return October 11 on AMC


Actress Olivia Munn has posted another action-packed training video to her Instagram account that features the fancy footwork she mastered in order to play Psylocke.

Drop kick it like it's...

A video posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

Opens May 27, 2016

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