COMIC REEL: Singer Reveals Deleted Boy George Shout Out In "Apocalypse"; AMC Posts "Preacher" Commentary Track


In a chat with Cinema Blend, director Bryan Singer detailed another scene from the mall sequence that was cut from the film.


As YouTuber Erik Germ noticed, "Deadpool" reused one very specific shot that was previously used in 2006's "X-Men: The Last Stand." The shot is of the X-Men's jet taking off from the X-Mansion. While the jets are two different designs, the shot of the mansion and motion of the camera are identical. See for yourself!

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DC All Access has released a video featuring the new Warner Bros. Studio Tour's DC Universe: The Exhibit, which showcases props and costumes from DC films. On display are Captain Boomerang's boomerangs, Deadshot's armaments and Harley Quinn's jail cell.

The exhibit's curator, Jason Inman, points out his particular favorite piece form the film. "Joker has an old, traditional shaving blade," Inman says. "And etched into the blade is a smile. You wouldn't be able to see that unless you're just inches from it. He carved that smile into the blade."

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During an interview with EW, Norman Reedus spoke about the season six finale and the upcoming season seven premiere.

"I think probably the planet is going to explode," said Reedus of the premiere episode. "That's my feeling. It's so good. Every time we go on a promotional tour talking about what's going to come, we all say, 'Oh my God, it's amazing. I can't wait for you to see it.' But it continually surprises me how this show grows and is put together and the execution of it -- no pun intended. It blows my mind. It just continually reaches a new plateau every single time, and this is the highest plateau we've ever been. So just wait. It's worth the wait, trust me."

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USA Today talked to Olivia Munn about the odds of seeing her telepathic assassin Psylocke in an "X-Force" film alongside Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. After all, both Psylocke and Deadpool were teammates in the "Uncanny X-Force" comic run.

"That would be a really cool thing to do," said Munn of potentially joining "X-Force." "What [Reynolds] did with 'Deadpool' was genius and I'm so excited for him. It would definitely be cool to see Deadpool and some of the other X-Men characters gather for an 'X-Force' movie. I think that's what the whole world is coming to -- everybody unites together, right? It's never just one character anymore. We all just become one movie."

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