COMIC REEL: Shane Black Sorry "Iron Man 3" Fans Felt "Fooled" By Mandarin Take


Director Shane Black is sorry if you didn't like the Mandarin reveal in his 2013 blockbuster, but not enough that he would do things differently if he had another chance.

Speaking with IGN while promoting his new film, "The Nice Guys," Black explained that the idea to break expectations and forgo a traditional supervillain for a more mysterious, opaque powerbroker was both a success and a failure.

"We may have done our job a bit too well in a way because we succeeded in actually having a surprise in the middle of a big summer movie where you normally know virtually everything about it before you go in," Black explained. "Some of the fans felt fooled. They felt I think that they'd been led down one path and then sold a bill of goods," he said.

Calling his Mandarin "a straw man terrorist," Black expressed remorse that the tactic didn't work for all audiences, but stopped short of wishing he hadn't tried. "The minute you start to govern your creative impulses based on anticipation of someone else's response or their expectations then you're going to fail," he said, while also noting that, like so many Marvel pictures, the film made loads of money.


Count Captain America among those hoping that the powers-that-be will bring Oscar-winner Brie Larson to the Marvel universe.

Larson is reportedly in talks for the part of Carol Danvers -- Captain Marvel -- the military high-flyer who is imbued with Kree superpowers to become a great Avenger, and she's got an advocate in the leading man of this summer's smash "Captain America: Civil War," as actor Chris Evans has extended his support for the actress.

If Evans and Larson were to engage in a superhero team-up, it wouldn't even be the first time the pair joined in the same ensemble of a comic book adaptation, as Evans explained to a panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, according to ComicBook.com. Asked what he thought of the Larson/Marvel news, Evans responded, "I just heard about that. I really hope that happens! I love Brie Larson. We did a movie together back in '09, 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World.'" A Marvel movie would be a different task than playing a foil to Bryan Lee O'Malley's slacker hero, but Evans thinks his former co-star is up to the task.

"I cannot say enough about Brie Larson. I think she's phenomenal," he said.

Due in theaters July 6, 2018


After Joe Quesada indicated that the film rights to Namor the Sub-Mariner were in the possession of Marvel Studios and the subsequent discussion about the screen rights of Marvel's so-called first mutant, actors began vying for the part. The first in line was "TMNT: Out of the Shadows" star Brian Tee, who expressed his desire to bring the Atlantean to life. "I grew up as a comic geek and the Submariner is one of my childhood's fondest superheroes. I feel like I can play him! If there is one role, right now, that I would love to play, it would be Namor," Tee, who plays Shredder in the latest Ninja Turtles movie, recently said.


Visionary director Luc Besson says he has finished shooting "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets," his adaptation of the French comic series by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezières. The "Fifth Element" director made his announcement via Instagram, where he thanked fans for their support on the long-developing project.

DAY 91 LAST DAY!!!!! LAST SHOT!!!! You don't know how much it helps me to have you around! Your "likes",your kind words give me strength when somedays I don't have so much!!! You were all part of my team and this support was priceless!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️ I still have 10 months of work. I won't post pictures everyday but I promise to continue to share with you as soon as I have something interesting to show you. Big kisses from Paris to all of you!! 💋🐬 #valerian #caradelevingne #DaneDehaan

A photo posted by @lucbesson on

Based on the influential series "Valerian and Laureline," the film stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne in those respective roles.

In theaters July 21, 2017


Stephen Amell has been rather accommodating as the linchpin of DC's televised universe, graciously hosting guest stars and fan events, but even the "Arrow" actor has his limits. And now we've found it. Asked whether he would participate in a musical crossover of the DC/CW shows, as "Flash" and "Supergirl" stars Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are "Glee" veterans, Amell left little room for interpretation, saying "No. I'm out! I'm the first one. I get to draw the line, and I draw the line at musical."

With "Supergirl" joining "Arrow," "The Flash," and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" all airing on CW this upcoming fall, talk has turned to a four-show crossover, but it's a challenge that seems steep to Amell.

"'Arrow' was set up as a very specific thing, and it's up to us to do what we do. And what we do, we do better than anyone else on TV. Part of the price of success is that we've had to introduce other shows."

Just don't expect him to introduce any musical acts.

Airs Wednesdays on The CW


Director James Gunn had some fun with fans of Chris Hemsworth when he posted a picture of himself holding Thor's hammer to his highly active Facebook page, leading many to speculate whether the Asgardian Avenger might make a guest appearance in Marvel's space-faring sequel.

Thor is expected to return to theaters in November of 2018 when "Thor Ragnarok" premiers, but with the character leaving Earth at the end of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," the image feeds hopes that he could crop up to drop thunder even earlier.

In theaters May 5, 2017


Expect to see the Joker in a hip-hop/EDM music video soon.

Jared Leto was in Miami this week in his full Joker getup to shoot a music video for the "Suicide Squad" soundtrack. The song, by Rick Ross and Skrillex, has not been officially announced as yet, but you can listen to a preview below (Warning: Explicit lyrics).

New photos from the movie were just released, as well. Check them out below.


After rumors swirled leading to heavy speculation surrounding the potential title for Zack Snyder's "Justice League" film due out in 2017, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns opted to quiet the discussion by definitively declaring the movie's name: "Justice League."

Clearing up any misconceptions -- the Justice League movie is called "Justice League". @BenAffleck @GalGadot @ZackSnyder Happy Friday!

- Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) June 4, 2016

The title forgoes the complications (and punctuation) of Snyder's latest DC offering, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" for a streamlined, recognizable name. However, a "Justice League" sequel has already been announced, leading CBR Editor Kevin Melrose to aptly observe, "With the name of 'Part One' now cleared up, speculation is free to begin about the title of 2019's 'Part Two.'"

Opens November 17, 2017

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