COMIC REEL: Sebastian Stan Campaigns for Bucky-Cap; "Doctor Strange" Lands Award-Winning Composer


"Do you guys think I should be Captain America?"

That was the question Sebastian Stan posed to a horde of gathered fans during a "Captain America: Civil War" event held Thursday, beckoning questions as to whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe would mirror the storyline of its comic book counterpart, in which Cap's former junior partner took up the mantle following the Avenger's death.

Stan might have been ribbing fans, knowing full well that they were familiar with the storyline, but as he described his dealings with Marvel creative executives, he seemed to hint that conversations about the character left him with the impression that it was not a matter of if it would happen, but when.

"I was sitting there in a room with them and basically they were saying to me that this is what's going to happen -- [Bucky's] going to become the Winter Soldier and then, eventually, he's going to be Captain America," Stan said, before trailing off, teasingly. "They were never telling me that that's what they're going to do, and they still aren't," he qualified, pointing out that it's the textual background of the character. His tone did seem to tip his hand that it would be a challenge he would welcome, though.

Over at the Nerdist, who held the Cap event and Q&A, they opine as to the ways a storyline where Stan's Bucky takes up the shield could develop onscreen.

The Winter Soldier isn't the only breakout star of "Civil War," though, as Chadwick Boseman makes his debut as T'Challa, the Black Panther, whose solo big-screen feature is due in theaters July 6, 2018. While promoting the latest "Captain America" movie, Boseman spoke with ABC's Kelly and Michael about his personal connection with the character, and how it all started.

In what the actor called a "weird sign" that he would land the part of the King of Wakanda, Boseman shared that an interaction with a crew member originally set him down the path to play the African Avenger.

"I started thinking about the character," he said, "and I got in a conversation with security on set for a movie called 'Gods of Egypt' [that was filming] in Australia. We didn't even really talk about Black Panther at all, but he then put the first issue of 'Black Panther' -- his original issue from when he was a kid -- in my trailer and wrote a note that said 'You're going to get this role.'"

Even though there were no signs that Marvel was planning a "Black Panther" movie at the time, the gifr from the comic fan, who he identified as Charles Carter, inspired Boseman to begin researching the role, just in case. It wasn't long before his interest leaked out, and while on the international red carpet, he got a call from heads at Marvel who, in trademark secret fashion, offered him the role.

Watch the interview below.

Falcon got in on the "Kelly and Michael" action, too, as Anthony Mackie made an appearance in which he discussed the way that even among a field of world-famous "Avengers" actors, Robert Downey Jr. stands above the fray. Mackie told the hosts that the cast gets competitive when it comes to dining with "RDJ," eager for Old Shellhead's approval. He also shared that Downey has four times as many trailers as his fellow cast members, and that the "Iron Man" actor introduced Mackie to a new food. Watch below.

Finally, Marvel artist Paolo Rivera has been offering fans a glimpse of the ornate poster he composed for the cast and crew of "Captain America: Civil War." The painting, which was created digitally using the Photoshop-optimized "Kyle Brush," looks to feature the entire sprawling cast of Marvel heroes seen in this weekend's blockbuster. Check out snippets of the full image, which has yet to be released, below.

I saw someone else spill the beans, so here's a glimpse of my Civil War poster! pic.twitter.com/DZxKMDPlph

- Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera) May 7, 2016

Sorry, folks! This print is just for the cast & crew. #captainamerica pic.twitter.com/0XxA9FzH63

- Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera) May 7, 2016

The whole cast & crew poster was done digitally with #kylebrush (I ran out of time) pic.twitter.com/mRTcBfdoSe

- Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera) May 7, 2016

In theaters now


Get ready for "Doctor Strange" to sound spooky.

Composer Michael Giacchino, whose credits include "Lost," "Jurassic World," "Star Trek Into Darkness," "The Incredibles," and "Up," for which he won an Oscar and multiple Grammys, has announced that he will provide the score for the next release from Marvel Studios, directed by Scott Derrickson and which stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

Things are about to get, well... really STRANGE.@scottderrickson @Marvel pic.twitter.com/LIhuCNy3lB

- Michael Giacchino (@m_giacchino) May 6, 2016

Giacchino has won a litany of awards for his work in film, television, and videogames, including an Emmy for his score to the "Lost" pilot.

In theaters November 4, 2016


Mystique is ready to take the young X-Men under her wing.

In a new video posted to Twitter by the film's official account, Jennifer Lawrence's Raven Darkholme AKA Mystique promises to teach the film's junior mutants their most important lesson -- how to fight.

A leader transformed. Jennifer Lawrence returns as Mystique in #XMen: #Apocalypse, in theaters May 27.https://t.co/wIhypDADtF

- X-Men Movies (@XMenMovies) May 7, 2016

In theaters May 27


Batman always prefers to be in control.

Ben Affleck will serve as an executive producer on 2017's "Justice League," with reports indicating that the decision might have something to do with the actor/director being unhappy following the harsh criticism of Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." According to Deadline, Affleck made the jump to EP in support of Snyder, "with whom he worked well on 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'" He joins Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio as creative leads on the anticipated blockbuster, which will unite Affleck's Batman with Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and a host of other superheroes.

In theaters November 17, 2017


A new image from an upcoming magazine spread gives a fresh look at the dynamic between comic book power couple Harley Quinn and Joker in this summer's "Suicide Squad."

In an image discovered by DCEU Facts and to run in Rolling Stone, Jared Leto's Joker can be seen issuing what looks to be a stern warning to Margot Robbie's Harley. Check it out below.

Possible new photo of #Joker and #HarleyQuinn from #SuicideSquad, just trying to pin down where it's actually from! pic.twitter.com/NzOc7BHyEB

- DCEU Facts (@dceufacts) May 6, 2016

@dceufacts Yup, it's real! Straight from Rolling Stones' summer movie previews. Thanks @batmnvsuperman! pic.twitter.com/NI9zoXRcxD

- DCEU Facts (@dceufacts) May 6, 2016

With Joker wearing his tailor-made finest, instead of prison garb, could this be a flashback to an earlier, formative time in the duo's relationship, or will the Clown Prince of Crime don his Sunday best after being assembled with other bad guys to do some good? Sound off with your theory in the comments.

In theaters August 5


The Civil War comes home this week on "Agents of SHIELD," and in the latest clip, Director Coulson and A.T.C.U. head Col. Talbot discuss the ramifications of the "Sokovia Accords" that incite the conflict between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in "Captain America: Civil War," in theaters now. The Accords mandate that super-powered individuals be brought under the purview of government authority, and with Coulson's secret team employing multiple extra-powered Inhumans, he finds himself aligned with his patriotic childhood hero.

Watch the clip from this week's episode below.

Airs Tuesday at 9 pm EST on ABC

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