COMIC REEL: Rumor States Marvel Wants "Ethnic" Spider-Man; Zimmer Talks "Batman V Superman" Score


In an appearance on the Meet The Movie Press podcast, The Wrap's Jeff Sneider revealed that he was "95% sure" that Marvel's new Spider-Man will be "ethnic."

"This is not set in stone guys, but I'm telling you right now: Spider-Man is not going to be white," said Sneider. "I really feel strongly -- Sony has an opportunity to beat Marvel and DC to the punch with sort of a major black comic book movie character. Like I mentioned last week, the [Sony] e-mails that leaked were perceived to be racist in some quarters. I really think that is going to play into things."

He later took to Twitter to elaborate on his statement.

White actors are still going out for Spider-Man but their reps are telling me they think Sony is leaning "ethnic."

- Jeff Sneider (@TheInSneider) February 23, 2015

Badass Digest does not disagree with this statement. "Everything I have heard is that Marvel is calling most of the shots on this new movie," wrote Devin Faraci for the Digest. "There's been a lot of language in the press to help Sony avoid some embarrassment, to make this look less like admitting defeat. I think Marvel is savvy enough, plugged in enough and good enough at PR to at the very least have some black actors considered for the role. I wouldn't be shocked if some names got leaked in the coming months just to let us know that Marvel is at least considering a black Peter Parker, even if they end up going white again.

Yahoo! News recently spoke with Donald Glover about the Spider-Man shake-up. A fan campaign to get Glover behind the webbed mask a few years ago sparked the creation of Miles Morales in the comics, and Glover's still many fans' ideal Spider-choice.

"Of course, I would only be honored to play Spider-Man," said Glover. "It's Spider-Man! I just want Spider-Man to be good. I always look at everything I do -- not to say I'm doing it -- but I want everything to be as interesting as possible. I want Spider-Man to be dope because I love Spider-Man... I'm leaving [campaigning] to [the fans]. I feel like campaigning is part of life, but for me? I've got a lot of stuff I'm excited about. So dropping it all -- of course, it'd be an honor. Whether it comes to me or not, I'm being very Taoist about it."


Ahead of tonight's season finale, CBR has an interview with "Agent Carter" executive producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas wherein the pair talk about the potential showdown between Peggy and Dottie.

"I would say you will get a very satisfying confrontation between those two," said Butters. "And the nice thing is, Dottie's probably Peggy's most formidable opponent that she's ever come across in a way -- just because of her fighting style and how she's trained to fight. I think you can be assured that Peggy is not going to let Dottie get the drop on her again."

To get viewers pumped up for tonight's big episode, ABC has released two clips from the finale.

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


The CW has smuggled a new clip from this week's "Arrow" episode inside an installment of "DC All Access." Starting at 1:25, you can catch the new footage which includes R'as al Ghul, Nyssa al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit

The CW has also released an inside look at this week's "Arrow" installment, titled "Nanda Parbat."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


MTV caught up with composer Hans Zimmer and asked him about the progress he's made with the "BVS" score. "I've got a couple of ideas," said Zimmer. When asked if he has to come up with themes for Wonder Woman and Aquaman, Zimmer gave a soft affirmative response.

"I'm trying," said Zimmer. "Put it that way. We're in early days. But of course, ideally, that's what you want to do." You can check out the full interview below.

Opens March 25, 2016


MTV also spoke with Miles Teller -- a.k.a Mr. Fantastic -- at the Oscars and asked him about his response to the recently released trailer.

"The trailer took me by surprise," said Teller. "When you're shooting a movie, especially this movie with Josh Trank, he has a very specific tone whether it is 'Chronicle' or what he did with this, but as an actor you don't really know what kind of movie it is until you see them cut it together. Now is the first [time] we saw any footage, and I was excited and I know that, for the most part, the consensus was good." You can watch the whole clip below.

Opens August 7


You can check out a recap of last night's "Gotham" episode, "Red Hood," over on Spinoff. Following last night's episode, Fox has started airing a trailer for the next installment -- "Everyone Has a Cobblepot."

Following last night's gruesome end, People Magazine has a spoiler-filled interview with Jada Pinkett Smith about what her experience was like shooting that scene.

"That was an interesting day because I was not feeling very well," said Pinkett Smith. "It was really challenging just keeping my concentration and keeping my energy levels up, but it was a lot of fun, too. It's very rare that you get to do something so extreme. The crew was so good to me, and everybody was chipping in. It was definitely challenging. But I loved having the opportunity to do some outrageous stuff."

Airs Mondays on Fox


During their red carpet coverage, MTV got a bit of an update on "Shazam" from the actor playing the film's villain, Dwayne Johnson. According to DC and Warner Bros.' slate, the film's still a few years away from hitting theaters -- or is it?

"It may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted," said Johnson. "The script is coming in, it's great. The support from the studio has been great. It's just a great opportunity, especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy who starts off as a bad guy, turns into an anti-hero, we can make him vicious, a little bit of winking charm." You can check out the rest of the interview below.

Opens April 5, 2019


In an interview with AZCentral, Margot Robbie revealed that she has signed a multi-picture deal with Warner Bros. for the role of Harley Quinn.

"You don't need to have commitment issues to be frightened by the fact that you might have just signed 10 years of your life away," Robbie told AZCentral. "But with her, it's a character I don't think would ever get boring. Ever. So if they did 'Suicide Squad One,' 'Two' and 'Three,' I would be over the moon about it."

Opens on August 5, 2016


The cast of CBS' "Supergirl" continues to grow with the addition of Calista Flockhart to the cast. The former "Ally McBeal" star will portray Cat Grant, described as "a self-made media magnate and founder of CatCo." This makes her a bit different from her comic book counterpart, who was the Daily Planet's fashion reporter.


AMC has released two clips from this Sunday's episode of "The Walking Dead," which bears the title "Remember." You can check them out below.

Airs Sundays on AMC

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