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COMIC REEL: Ruffalo Compares Hulk To “Atom Bomb”; “Gotham” Villains Discuss Their Arcs

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COMIC REEL: Ruffalo Compares Hulk To “Atom Bomb”; “Gotham” Villains Discuss Their Arcs


During filming, Empire chatted with Mark Ruffalo about his second big outing as Bruce Banner in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

“I think he’s definitely matured a little bit since the last one,” said Ruffalo. “He’s become more acclimated to this thing and to being part of the team. I think he feels more a part of them all. But in this particular take on it, it’s a much more character-driven version of The Avengers than the first one. It gets a little deeper into each character. S.H.I.E.L.D. is not happening anymore, so there’s not that much time spent with the S.H.I.E.L.D. stuff. I feel that every character has their own cool little thing happening. I had great stuff in the last one but there’s even more stuff in this one. It’s nice, because I know this character now after playing him twice.”

Ruffalo also discussed his science bro Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor and why Stark feels like he needs that particular suit in his armory. “Hulk is the kind of wild card. He’s the loose cannon of the group. He’s more like an atom bomb. You could guess where he’s going to go but he could go either way. I think that there is, obviously, the day when everyone expects it to go wrong and that day comes. And they’re ready. And Bruce designed the contingency plan. As much as you feel Bruce has some mastery over it — certainly, with ‘I’m always angry’ and he can turn into it at will — I still feel that there’s some part of him that doesn’t completely trust it and doesn’t completely trust himself.

“There’s a battle going on between these two opposing egos that live inside him. He’s definitely worried that the day is going to come when the Hulk gets the best of him, and maybe won’t release him, maybe won’t give him back. The Hulk knows this too. There’s a moment in here where he, begrudgingly, decides to go back to Banner. Who knows where these things will go, but as Bruce is able to impress his will on the Hulk, going into The Hulk and being inside the Hulk when he’s raging, The Hulk’s will is also growing and able to impress upon Bruce. That makes for some wild things. We’re laying the groundwork for that here. It’ll be interesting to see if that ends up being what would be the next Hulk movie.”

Opens on May 1


Empire Magazine has an interview with Robert Downey Jr. where he discusses his decision to take on a supporting role in “Captain America: Civil War.”

“At this point it ceases about being about announcements of contracts and deal points and Forbes and all that… I also recognize that I’ll be turning 50 by the time I promote this movie [‘Civil War’],” said Downey. “The clock is ticking down on the amount of memories and participation that I would allow myself and not embarrass the medium with. And when they pitched it to me and when I had a couple of ideas and when they said we like those ideas, let’s do those.”

When asked if Iron Man is the antagonist of “Civil War,” Downey said he ” wouldn’t put it that way. Ultimately it’s Steve’s story; it doesn’t say ‘Iron Man 4: Civil War.’ I think that’s great too. I think Chris [Evans] has been hungry to bring even more of an underside and some shadow to that.”

Opens May 6, 2016


Casting 24/7 has posted casting call information for a number of roles in “Deadpool.”

[RIDGE] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous, violent, vain, insecure and more than a bit of a dick…. but with a sense of humor. He is not a psychopath, he’s practical but morally neutral-he doesn’t enjoy torturing people, he just doesn’t care. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[LINDSAY] Any ethnicity, 20s, attractive and worldly. Smart, tough, beautiful but a little bit broken. Nothing has ever been easy for her and she’s developed a thick skin and cynical outlook. But she’s not a victim-she may not have a great life but she’s holding it together and does what she needs to get by. She’s got a great sense of humor but it leans heavily towards irony and sarcasm. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[SIMON] Any ethnicity, late 20s to early 40s. Quirky, great sense of humor. Smart, funny, but more than a little bit slippery. Fast talker, always looking to make a buck. He looks out for himself first and foremost, but reveals loyalty at the end of the day. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SEQUEL OPTIONS.

[SHIRLIE] African American, late 60s to early 80s. Worldly, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, dry, funny. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

[KATHY] Any ethnicity, early to mid teens. World weary, great sense of comedic timing, sarcastic, droll sense of humor. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS.

[KEREN] Any ethnicity, early 20s to late 30s. Serious, big, tough. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS

[ALBERT] Any ethnicity, early 30s to early 50s. Big, muscular, dangerous. ROLE REQUIRES THREE SERIES OPTIONS

The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider seems to have some inside info on the casting process, as he revealed in a tweet yesterday.

Opens February 12, 2016


The CW has posted a new interview video with the actors playing the two halves of Firestorm: Victor Garber and Robbie Amell.

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


You can check out a recap of last night’s episode, “The Blind Fortune Teller, over on Spinoff. Fox has also started airing a promo for next week’s Red Hood-filled installment.

CBR has an interview with “Gotham’s” resident Riddler, Cory Michael Smith. The actor spoke a bit about his character’s morality and eventual fall from grace.

“[Executive Producer] Bruno Heller made it very clear to me that Nygma is someone who is working on the good side, is someone who loves his job and likes Jim Gordon,” said Smith. “We were starting with no reason whatsoever for him wanting to cause anyone harm. I wanted to stay as far in that corner as possible. That was a goal, early on. Then, what is my job as an actor? I have to play the role in the world that I’m given. The circumstances that we built were, he’s in the GCPD. No one understands him and no one appreciates him. They find him quite irritating. They give him responsibility because he’s undeniably brilliant. You’ve seen him give tidbits to the cops that have solved a number of crimes thus far. They will say, ‘Thank you. That’s good work Ed.’ But, it’s still Jim Gordon who gets the handshake at the end of the day. The little things will add up.”

Speaking of villainous arcs, has an interview with Robin Lord Taylor where the actor discusses a pivotal Penguin moment from “The Penguin’s Umbrella” episode.

“When it was revealed that I had been working with Falcone the whole time, I didn’t know that,” said Taylor. “I didn’t know that until I got the script and I literally threw the script across the room. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, he’s so much smarter than I thought he was!’ [Laughs] But at the same time, it’s interesting. I feel like Oswald is so smart and cunning and such a good manipulator of the people around him that it really doesn’t matter if I, Robin, know things or not because Oswald would play it off just exactly as convincingly if he knew or if he didn’t know.”

Airs Mondays on Fox


CBR has an interview with “iZombie” lead Rose McIver where she reveals what she’s really eating when she’s eating brains onscreen.

“It’s a gelatin, coconut thing,” said McIver. “We tried with soy protein. We’ve tried a few different options, but it depends on how they’re served as well, because I cook them in different ways each episode. There’s one episode where it looks like a shrimp salad, and that’s little bits of brain. Or there’s, like, cerebellum Sashimi one time. There’s all sorts, but mainly gelatin.”

McIver also talked about her character’s look and the process of bringing the undead to life. “I loved how much it looked like the comic. I thought it was really nice, because we do have a departure in a lot of ways from that source material, and so it was really nice that it leaves that for the fans for the comic book — that it would hopefully resonate with them, the look. So I like that. I really like the very pale skin. I think that’s something we don’t see a lot. We see so many tan people and fake-tan people on television. So it’s quite refreshing to see. I used to be quite self-conscious about having very pale skin anyway — people say, ‘the English rose,’ or whatever — so it’s quite nice. I took a bit of ownership over the fact that I could be pale and not have a lot of pigment and be proud.”

The CW has also released a new interview video with McIver and co-star Robert Buckley.

Premieres March 17 on the CW


While talking with EntertainThis!, director Matthew Vaughn revealed his plans for a “Kingsman” sequel — specifically Colin Firth’s potential involvement.

“A lot of people are very upset that Colin [Firth] might not be in the sequel but I’m coming up with ideas at the moment,” said Vaughn. “If people buy tickets in America, I’ve got a feeling we’ll figure out a way for having Colin back… The sequel will be ‘This is the modern-day gentleman spy.’ Because [Colin Firth’s] Harry isn’t. Harry even says, ‘There is a reason why we’ve developed weak chins.’ He said that meaning, ‘Look at us, we need to get new blood into this system,’ and that’s what Eggsy is. I joke that we’ve made the prequel to the Eggsy movie.”

Opens on February 13


While talking to The Hollywood Reporter, “Walking Dead” executive producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed that the pilot episode wrapped production on February 6, but noted that she’s not sure when — or even if — it will air on AMC.

“We haven’t been picked up to series yet,” said Hurd of the spinoff series. While this statement doesn’t contradict anything that has previously been said about the spinoff, it does seem a bit surprising considering how big of a blockbuster “The Walking Dead” has turned into over the course of its five seasons. The recent 2015 premiere drew in 15.6 million viewers.


Director Bryan Singer has revealed more about the upcoming X-Men movie via his Instagram. The production art from art director Grant Major depicts a spaceship and a lone figure; it’s been speculated that this is Ship, the Celestial spacecraft partially responsible for transforming En Sabah Nur into Apocalypse.

Some production art. #XmenApocalypse #GrantMajor I was a little busy but will continue to snap more.

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Opens May 27, 2016

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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