COMIC REEL: Rudd on "Ant-Man"; Nyssa al Ghul Heads to "Arrow"


Flicks and the City spoke with Paul Rudd about his experience being cast as Scott Lang in the upcoming "Ant-Man" film, with the actor characterizing it as "really cool."

"I'd read some comics and things and seen movies," said Rudd. "I knew Edgar [Wright]," said Rudd. "I'd been friends with Edgar for many years, and the whole thing that it's actually happened and I got the part is still kind of surreal. It's still sinking in over these last couple months."

Opens July 17, 2015


Comic Book Movie has posted a round-up of new images from "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in Empire Magazine's special issue.

Additionally, Empire Online spoke with Singer about Rogue's big scene being cut from the final film -- but that it doesn't necessarily preclude her from appearing in the movie at all.

"It does not mean that we won't see her in the film," Singer told Empire. "Also, I hope to make the sequence available on the DVD as she was quite wonderful in it. She is an important part of the X-Men family. I 'm very pleased she will remain as one of Empire's anniversary covers."

Opens May 23


Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle will co-write the next "Thor" movie. Kyle served as executive producer on "Thor: The Dark World," while Yost co-wrote the film. The duo are well-known for their comics work including "X-Force," "New X-Men" and the animated series "X-Men: Evolution."

Although it's not exactly "Thor 3" related, Yahoo! Movies has posted a special feature from the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World" home video release that includes footage of Tom Hiddleston's audition for Thor.


Emma Stone spoke with RyanSeacrest.com about her character Gwen Stacy and whether she might meet the same fate as her comic book counterpart.

"Basically they're going to see the continuation of the 'Spider Man' story, which is the hero's journey, and he's up against a whole new squadron of villains and he's struggling with promises he's made in the last movie and the consequences of making those and what it's like to be in love with somebody who you promised to not see anymore," Stone said. "I think the intention the whole time has been to tell Gwen's story has closely to the comic as possible."

Opens May 2


IGN has posted the first photos of Katrina Law as "Arrow's" Nyssa al Ghul, daughter of Ra's al Ghul and half-sister to Talia al Ghul.

"Our Nyssa certainly has shades of Talia. Katrina auditioned for Shado and it actually came down to Katrina and Celina [Jade] and honestly, part of it was just that because we knew she'd have scenes with Slade [played by Manu Bennett], and it just felt like a Spartacus overkill," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told IGN. "But she's somebody that we've been a fan of. When this part came up, we saw a lot of people for it, but she certainly is exotic and beautiful and smart and our stunt guys are over the moon, because she can do a lot of her own stunts."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


The CW's "iZombie" has received a pilot order. Written by "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas, the television series is planned as a "supernatural crime procedural" and is based on the Vertigo Comics series of the same name by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred. It is the fourth DC Comics-based adaptation to receive a pilot order for the upcoming season.

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