COMIC REEL: Redford on "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"; "The Flash" Casting News


Entertainment Weekly has posted an interview with Robert Redford from Sundance 2014, where the legendary actor discussed his career and his decision to appear in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

"One of the reasons that I did it was I wanted to experience this new form of filmmaking that's taken over where you have kind of cartoon characters brought to life through high technology." Redford told EW. "The 'Avengers' series is a product of high technology playing a major role in the new order of filmmaking so I wanted to experience that -- I just wanted to know what that was like and I had that opportunity, so for me it was like stepping into new terrain just to experience what it was like."

Opens April 4


Access Hollywood spoke with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." star Clark Gregg about what's in store for the series in the coming months -- including an appearance from Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif.

"I love it when the Asgardians come because they're so damn funny without trying to be," Gregg told EW. "They have their whole world of Asgard [and] every time they come to Earth, everything goes haywire and a lot of things get broken. She's spectacularly beautiful and played by one of the nicest people in the world -- Jaimie Alexander -- and she's very much an obedient warrior. So, if she comes to visit Earth, you've got to suppose there's a good reason, and something amiss and Asgardian that needs to be rectified."

Meanwhile, CBR's own Albert Ching had the opportunity to visit the "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." set and speak with the showrunners and executive producers, including Maurissa Tancheroen, Jed Whedon, Jeffrey Bell and Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb.

"There are still people online going, 'We don't understand why Iron Man isn't on the show.' Well, you know what? He's not," Loeb said. " I love Robert -- [but he's] not coming by any time soon. But if we are going to have Lady Sif, if we're going to have Lorelei, if we're going to have Deathlok, if we're going to have Stan Lee [appearing in "T.R.A.C.K.S."], that's that stuff that we hope that same fanbase is going, 'That's what I was talking about. I wasn't really thinking that the Hulk would be on the show, but if you give me Lorelei, I'll come back next week.'"

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


More casting news for "The Flash" has dropped, with Deadline revealing two very familiar character names. "The Vampire Diaries" actor Rick Cosnett has been tapped to play Eddie Thawne -- a recent transfer to Central City PD -- and actress Danielle Panabaker has been cast as Caitlin Snow. Sharp-eyed Flash fans will recognize both names as Professor Zoom and Killer Frost.

While Cosnett has a past with the CW -- having appeared in "The Vampire Diaries" -- it's Panabaker who has more of a connection with super heroes. She co-starred in the 2005 film "Sky High" as a young hero who had control over plant life.


Total Film has posted a brief excerpt from its interview with "Amazing Spider-Man 2" director Marc Webb, who asserts it's the most ambitious Spider-Man movie attempted yet.

"It's huge," Webb told Total Film. "We're pushing the levels of effects, the level of action and the emotional capacity of this kid. It's an aggressive step forward. ... We throw around the term 'operatic' because of the spectacle and the theatre involved, which is pretty epic. There are enormous sets and great set-pieces. But really it's a very intimate song -- this relationship between Peter and Gwen is very delicate and beautiful."

Opens May 2


Remember that plot synopsis of the upcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot that popped up last week? Apparently, it's not even a little bit accurate. The film's director Josh Trank took to Twitter to set the record straight.

that synopsis is definitely not the synopsis or anything close to the synopsis. i don't know who put that out. byyee.

- Josh Trank (@josh_trank) January 24, 2014

Opens June 19, 2015


Check out this new trailer for "Maleficent" featuring the vocals of Lana Del Rey singing "Once Upon A Dream."

Opens May 30


In honor of its 25th anniversary, Empire Magazine is publishing 25 different "X-Men: Days of Future Past"-themed character covers. Empire Online is revealing them throughout the day, so stay tuned for more.

Opens May 23


Empire Online has posted a hilarious behind the scenes clip for "Thor: The Dark World" where Tom Hiddleston plays Loki imitating Captain America.

Releases on DVD/Blu-ray February 25

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