COMIC REEL: Quicksilver Sells An Energy Drink In Still From Ad; Ty Simpkins' "Iron Man 3" Audition Revealed


Makeup and hair artist Shannon Burnett has posted a still from an upcoming commercial for the Frucor energy drink V starring Evan Peters as Quicksilver. While not an official still from "X-Men: Apocalypse," the commercial still (also posted by CBM) features Peters in the civilian clothes Quicksilver wears in the film.


Latino Review has a report from an unnamed source indicating which members of the Justice League will make an appearance in "Batman v Superman." The report claims that Ezra Miller's Flash will make a brief appearance as a blur. Jason Momoa's Aquaman will be brought into the film by Lex Luthor in the second half. Ray Fisher's Cyborg is rumored to also appear in the second half of the film. Wonder Woman's role in the film is being described as "a glorified cameo." Green Lantern isn't slated to appear, apparently, until the end of "Justice League: Part One."

Opens March 25, 2016


Fox has released a new IMAX trailer for "Deadpool," touting the film's large-scale presentation.

To go along with it, there's also a new IMAX poster for the film.


After being rumored as up for the role of Star-Lord's father in "Guardians 2," Kurt Russell confirmed that he has talked to Marvel about the role on the WolfPop podcast, Russell confirms he has spoken with Gunn about a role -- but that he hadn't seen the first film and had to see it before seriously considering signing on.

"I literally got a phone call two days ago about this," Russell explained. "I've never seen 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' so I don't know anything about it. Many times I've heard, 'That's a really fun movie, a really good movie [with] great characters.' I don't know it!"

"I didn't realize that [James Gunn] had written and directed it, but we talked to each other on the phone," he continued. "And I just had to be honest and say, 'Thank you for considering me, I have to read [the script], and I have to watch the [first] movie because I can't bring anything for you [right now]. I've got nothing to offer here. So, I'm amazed to get asked about this because everybody knows more about it than I do."

"It could be a one line thing for all I know," he concluded. "But yeah, we're talking about it... there's just nothing to talk about at the moment."

Opens May 5, 2017


As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 box set, Marvel has released the "Iron Man 3" audition tape of young actor Ty Simpkins. Simpkins landed the role and played Harley Keener in the Shane Black-directed film.


Mark Ruffalo has opened up about why getting a solo Hulk film off the ground has been hard since he took over the role in 2012.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Movies, Ruffalo explained that, "I think they've been working on it. Marvel and Universal famously don't get along very well, and so that's working against us, definitely. But I know for a fact that everyone is holding out hope that one day we can do it. But the nature of the relationship right now, it's a little prohibitive. And I hope that that changes, that changes with regimes, it changes over the course of time. But right now it doesn't look particularly promising."


The release date for Sony Pictures' animated "Spider-Man" film -- which was announced earlier this year -- has been bumped back about five months from July 20, 2018 to December 21, 2018, according to a Tweet from Exhibitor Relations.

Opens December 21, 2018


In the official description for "Childish Things," the tenth episode of "Supergirl's" premiere season, Kara will have her work cut out for her when Winn's father Toyman (Henry Czerny) breaks out of prison and Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) is offered a job at CatCo.

"Childish Things" -- Kara does her best to support Winn when his father, the supervillain Toyman, breaks out of prison and seeks out his son for unknown reasons. Also, Cat offers Lucy a job at CatCo and Alex asks Hank to use his powers to help uncover Maxwell Lord's plans, on SUPERGIRL, Monday, Jan. 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Henry Czerny guest stars as Winslow Schott, Sr., aka Toyman.

According to the show's official character description, Czerny's Winslow Schott, Sr. "is a classic D.C. supervillain, a mad criminal genius known as Toyman -- and Winn's estranged father. Toyman weaponizes toys to wreak destruction and revenge but is ultimately driven by one thing -- the obsessive desire to reunite with his beloved son."

Airs Mondays on CBS

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