COMIC REEL: "Powers" Heads to PlayStation Network; "Arrow" Looks to the Future


"Powers" has had a very long development time for television, but it looks like the wait on the series is about to come to an end. "Powers" has been picked up by Sony to debut on PlayStation Network in a Netflix-like bid to expand the brand into original content. The show will reportedly be around 10 episodes, and "expected to be of premium cable quality." No start date was announced for the series, but it's been confirmed to be based off of the pilot written by Charlie Huston.


Harley Quinn made her first appearance on "Arrow" last night, and Comic Book Movie has posted the blink-and-you'll-miss it clip.


Speaking with Collider about the episode, Marc Guggenheim commented on the organic nature of developing the Suicide Squad, as well as many more topics about "Arrow's" future -- such as the upcoming "The Flash" tie-in episode.

"Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin, and Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco, two members of Star Labs that are part of the regular cast of The Flash, do make an important appearance in Episode 19 of 'Arrow,'" Guggenheim said. "This was something that really came about because Barry was in a coma at the end of Episode 9 and that made it impossible for Barry to appear in Episode 19 or 20 of 'Arrow.' He's gotta stay in a coma until October of next year. But, the idea of bringing in those characters really appealed to us because it allowed us to honor our original intention that we had at the beginning of the year, to do something Flash-related in Episode 19 or 20, without having comatose Barry and paying Grant Gustin a lot of money to sit around with his eyes closed, unconscious for the whole episode. We wrote that episode and it's really boring."


Plus, for those hoping for more H.I.V.E. developments, actor David Ramsey discussed the further development of the concept and subplot with ComicBook.com.

"I can say this: We aren't done with the investigation of H.I.V.E.," Ramsey told ComicBook.com. "We've planted that nugget, we're going to explore that. Andy Diggle's connection to H.I.V.E., we're not done exploring that. So Diggle, Deadshot, H.I.V.E., Andy Diggle is not over."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Comic Book Movie has posted quotes from Chris Pratt and Michael Rooker about their roles in "Guardians of the Galaxy" as Star-Lord and Yondu, respectively.


"He's very much a kid at heart," Pratt said. "He's never known his father, he's sucked away into space just as his mother dies and is raised by a blue-skinned humanoid. He has spent all his life being told to toughen up and has a false sense of bravado as a result. But deep down he is lonely, and while he's a guy traveling in space getting to do whatever he wants, he misses his family, his community, and through the course of the story he learns to care again and that there's more to life than just taking and doing exactly what you want."

According to Rooker, Star-Lord and Yondu have a previous connection from the past.

"It's a beautiful story, a great uplifting story and I found the relationship between Quill and Yondu intriguing," Rooker said. "He went to pick him up from Earth and for some reason he decided not to take him where he was meant to go and raised him himself. He made a connection with him, and Yondu now enjoys the fact that Quill has the courage to do his own thing."

Opens August 1


IGN spoke with Scarlett Johansson about Black Widow's arc in "Age of Ultron," which involves a little more of the character's past.

"We definitely learn more of Widow's backstory," she said, "Even more about the backstory, we get to see how she became the person that you see. I think all these characters have deep, dark pasts, and I think in 'Avengers 2,' maybe the past catches up with some of us a little bit."

Opens May 1, 2015

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