COMIC REEL: Possible "Justice League Dark" Roster Revealed; Reynolds Opens Up About "Deadpool"


The man behind Latino Review, El Mayimbe, dropped an inside scoop about Guillermo Del Toro's long-in-development "Justice League Dark" film on Twitter over the weekend.


- Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) January 25, 2015

There's still no news as to whether or not "JLD" fits in with Warner Bros. expanded slate of superhero films, and the film does not yet have a release date.


Marvel and ABC released a new clip from this week's "Agent Carter" episode, titled "The Blitzkrieg Button." The footage finds Peggy Carter coming into conflict with a secret-keeping Howard Stark.

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


"Arrow" has tweeted a new promo for this week's big Black Canary episode, which is titled "Midnight City." The featurette includes interview footage with executive producer Marc Guggenheim as well as new shots of Black Canary in action.

It's a long road to become The Black Canary. Go inside Wednesday's all new #Arrow with EP @mguggenheim!https://t.co/Z1fvmygdB1

- Arrow (@CW_Arrow) January 23, 2015

The CW has also released a new featurette focusing on Ra's al Ghul and featuring and interview with actor Matt Nable about his intense battle with Oliver Queen.

Colton Haynes spoke with Entertainment Weekly and teased the return of a couple characters. "We have to go back to the Glades to check things out and check on some people and survey the area," said Haynes. "I finally get to see Sin again and might recruit her to come help us along the way." The actor also revealed that Nyssa al Ghul will be returning, and that Thea Queen had better watch out when she does. "Thea really has to watch her back," said Haynes. "I feel bad because it's not her fault [that she killed Sara Lance]. It's Malcolm's fault."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


ComicBookMovie has posted scans from the latest issue of Empire Magazine that feature new shots of the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" cast.

You can check out scans of the interior images from ComicBookMovie below.

Opens May 1


Variety caught up with Jesse Eisenberg and asked him about his role as Lex Luthor in the upcoming DC Comics film. When asked if he would like to play the role again, Eisenberg said, "I would love to. It's a great group and director, and the most ideal character to play." There are already rumors circulating that Eisenberg will reprise his role for "Suicide Squad."

Opens March 25, 2016


The Wrap learned over the weekend that actor Luke Evans has vacated the lead role in the upcoming "Crow" reboot. Director Corin Hardy -- who replaced original director F. Javier Gutierrez -- and Relativity are now looking for a new lead.


MTV talked to Ryan Reynolds about the long in development -- and now actually happening -- Deadpool feature film. "It's been a long time, and it's happening the right way and that's all that matters," Reynolds told MTV. "We don't have the kind of money that most superhero movies do but that's great. Necessity is the mother of invention and that's why we get to make the kind of movie we want to make." Reynolds also revealed that he would have leaked the Deadpool test footage himself if he could have foreseen how it reignited interest in the merc's film.

You can check out the interview clip below.

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Opens February 12, 2016


"Flash" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg gave fans a gorilla-sized hint regarding one of the speedster's most famous villains.

- Andrew Kreisberg (@AJKreisberg) January 25, 2015

Grodd's eventual inclusion in the show was teased early on in the show's run with a shot of an empty animal cage. It looks like that tease is about to pay off in a big way, most likely before the end of "Flash's" first season.

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


James Gunn dropped a few hints about "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" during a Facebook Q&A session last week. Here are a few highlights:On Nebula's final fate: Sometimes people are confused what happens to Nebula. She looks down for something to fall on, allows herself to fall on a Ravager craft, and takes out the Goth Ravager inside and flies away, leaving everyone to deal with this shit themselves, because she's stopped caring. She will be back.On whether or not we see Adam Warlock's cocoon: It's not Adam's cocoonOn whether he would direct a "Guardians"-centric episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.": Probably not noOn his future Marvel plans: I knew what gotg2 was essentially going to be about halfway through shooting. I basically have plans for three other stories connected to Guardians if I stay with marvel that long.

Opens May 5, 2017


While at Sundance promoting her film "Z for Zachariah," Margot Robbie talked with MTV about her upcoming role as Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad."

"Yeah, I guess it's intimidating because there's obviously a lot of people I want to please, and a character I have to do justice," said Robbie. "But it's a challenge, I'm definitely up for it, and hopefully I don't disappoint."

Opens on August 5, 2016


AMC has released two photos from the upcoming midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead." The shots offer little in the way of context, but they are pretty nice shots of Rick and Michonne.

Returns February 8 on AMC


Access Hollywood talked to "Game of Thrones" actress Sophie Turner about her new role as Jean Grey in "X-Men: Apocalypse." The actress revealed where she was when she first got the news.

"I was on my way to an audition and I was getting out of the car to walk in to the audition," she said. "And then my agent started ringing and I was like, 'One second.' And she was like, 'Have you heard the news?' I was like, 'No, what news?' Then she was like, 'Check your Twitter.' So then I checked it and... I was just getting like, 'Congratulations Jean Grey.' Then I just started crying and I messed up the whole audition because I was just like, 'I can't speak!'"

Turner also talked a bit about the previous Jean Grey, Famke Janssen. "She was amazing," she said. "So, I'm really trying to emulate her, because she did such a great job and I just hope I do justice to this incredible character." You can check out the entire interview below.

Vixen Varsity spotted an Instagram video from newly-cast Alexandra Shipp, revealing that the actress is doing homework for her new role.

Girl, dedicated. #storm

A video posted by Alexandra Shipp (@alexandrashipppp) on

Opens May 27, 2016

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