COMIC REEL: Panabaker, Patton Talk Evolving "Flash" Roles; Gunn Nixes Hulk In "Guardians 2" Rumors


While talking to Collider, Caitlin Snow actress Danielle Panabaker discussed the chance that her character will transform into Killer Frost in season two.

"No one is more excited for Caitlin to become Killer Frost than I am," said Panabaker. "Unfortunately I don't know when that will happen on the show. The writers will say, 'Well this is what's going to happen. We're looking forward to this. This is what we're thinking.' And then scripts evolve, sometimes they don't make it into the script as soon as you hope, sometimes we shoot things that don't even make it into the show.

"I think our season finale was [an extra] 20 minutes long, so that's 20 minutes of stuff that they cut out of storylines," she continued. "Little things, like they explained how Caitlin asked Barry to go get her wedding dress, and they explained the toilets in the pipeline, and that sort of thing. But since we only have 42, 44 minutes, some stuff just sort of falls to the cutting-room floor. Long story short, I'm useless in terms of Killer Frost. I want it to happen very, very badly. Unfortunately I don't know that it's happening yet."

Candice Patton also spoke about Iris West's role in season two, stating that reports of her assuming leadership of S.T.A.R. Labs are greatly exaggerated.

"I don't know where you guys are hearing this, but I think it's a gross exaggeration that Iris is going to take over leadership at S.T.A.R. Labs," said Patton during Dragon Con's "Flash" panel (h/t ComicBook.com). "What I will say is that she does encourage Barry Allen to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs and get the team together and keep fighting to protect Central City. As far as being a leader at S.T.A.R. Labs? No, that doesn't happen. Iris has a job. She works at Picture News and we know her as this iconic reporter and what I will say about her strength is that this season we will see her step into that role which I am very excited about because I think she has a lot to offer Team Flash in that way."

You can see video of the "Flash" panel below.

Returns October 6 on the CW


If you missed "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" second season, you can catch up with this new recap that recounts the episodes in four minutes.

Returns September 29 on ABC


During his appearance at Dragon Con, "Arrow" lead Stephen Amell revealed a bit about the series' fourth season premiere.

"The fundamental part of the season, that nobody is really going to understand until they see the premiere, is that we do something in the premiere that we've never done in the history of the show," said Amell, as reported by ComicBook.com. "It does something for the remainder of the season that there's going to be a constant jeopardy in the show, even if times are good. It's a really interesting technique. I think it promotes a good story. I think it will pique people's interest."

Amell also responded to a fan comment stating that UFC fighter Rounda Rousey ships "Olicity" by stating, "Rousey could replace me for an episode if she wants! Ronda Rousey can literally do anything she wants at this point ... To me... To the show."

You can watch the "Arrow" panel below.

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During an appearance at Fan Expo Canada, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa discussed the differences between his DC character and his "Game of Thrones" one.

"I don't think Aquaman is going to be raping and pillaging any villages," Momoa said. "I like bringing a lot of different colors to a character. I don't just like to play a bad guy, I didn't play Drogo as a bad guy, so I like to put many colors and flavors in it. So, yeah, I think there will probably be something I may put in there you might see from something else. Generally speaking, I try to make complex characters."

The actor also talked about Aquaman jokes, stating that no one will be making them soon. "It's cute and funny, people make fun of him, there's a bunch of jokes about him, but I'm like, 'Just wait. Let's just wait a little bit, and then you can make jokes,'" the actor said while still keeping things close to the chest on film specifics.

During an appearance on "The Today Show," Jesse Eisenberg praised "BvS'" script and tone.

"Yes, it is like the most incredible character," Jesse said of Luthor. "It was written by this guy, Chris Terrio -- this is like his first movie after 'Argo.' He's just this brilliant writer of characters. So this movie is, you know, it's not like a kind of cartoonish superhero movie. It's this very serious and well acted, well written, well directed movie. It's really phenomenal."

Opens March 25, 2016


Writer/director James Gunn revealed on his Facebook page that he wrapped up the second draft of "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" over the weekend.

It's #Caturday, I'm finishing my second draft of Guardians Vol. 2 today, and Emily decided to inspire me with galaxies in her eyes. Thanks, cat! Have a great day, all!

Posted by James Gunn on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gunn also took to Twitter to dispel rumors that the Hulk will show up in the sequel.

I will comment on it now (as I've done before) - there is zero chance you will see Hulk in GotGVol2. https://t.co/C1jNd0ZyVb

- James Gunn (@JamesGunn) September 7, 2015

Opens May 5, 2017


While talking to ComicBook.com, Mehcad Brooks spoke about how his confident version of Jimmy Olsen differs from the comics.

"This is what happens when somebody goes to Superman Confidence Boot Camp," said Brooks. "You hang around with Superman long enough, it's going to rub off on you. You're going to gain some confidence, lift some weights, dress a little bit different, take the bowtie off, maybe? You go to the bar, girls are going to be like, 'Hey, what do you do?' 'I hang out with Superman.' That works, by the way. [Laughs] I'm excited, man. I know it's going to be different, it might be hard for some people to swallow, but just...get your gag reflex ready, I don't know. Just swallow it. It's going to be good. It's going to be really cool."

Premieres October 26 on CBS

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