COMIC REEL: New X-Men Movie Rumored To Film In 2017; Luke Cage Suits Up In New Set Pics


Journal de Montreal has another potential X-Men scoop, as reported by Heroic Hollywood. According to HH's translation of the article, director Bryan Singer will return to Montreal to start shooting another "X-Men" film, which will reportedly begin production in Canada in 2017. The film is also expected to begin production in November 2016. Fox has not made an official announcement regarding the rumored film.


In addition to announcing a two-hour premiere episode on Tuesday, January 5 at 9 PM, "Agent Caretr" also dropped a new picture of Hayley Atwell in character as Peggy Carter.


ABC has released a Coulson-centric clip for tonight's episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

The show also has a 2016 premiere date -- March 8.

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


While speaking with CBR, Michael Douglas revealed what he hopes is in store for Hank Pym in the upcoming sequel.

"I hope he has a little more humor," said Douglas. "I'd like to see a little more repartee with that younger generation, i.e. Paul and Evangeline. I'd like to see a little more kind of, you know, irony and a little more dark humor in terms of what I think about their enthusiastic ideas. Kind of that cynicism -- some humorous cynicism would be wonderful."

Opens July 6, 2018


Paul Bettany spoke a bit with Collider about Vision's motivations going into "Civil War."

"What I love about my character is that there are so many places for him to go," said Bettany. "I think he's very interested in what it means to be human and what love is. The only way one can guarantee one's loyalty is love. Loyalty is beyond logic, really. Logic doesn't really provide for loyalty. If your logic changes suddenly and things not make sense, you can alter your allegiance, but love stops you from being able to do that."

Opens May 6, 2016


OLV has a possible "Doctor Strange" scoop, revealing that the no parking signs posted in New York City for a film called "Checkmate" are actually for "Doctor Strange." Apparently the film used that alias in Nepal while filming, instead of the previous alternate title "Eye See You." Apparently OLV did some "serious online digging and emailing" and found that the crew info for "Checkmate" matched "Doctor Strange." The "Checkmate" production is currently underway right now (November 17) at 11th Avenue and 53rd Street in Manhattan.

Opens November 4, 2016


The CW has released a clip from tonight's "Gorilla Warfare" episode of "The Flash."

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, "Flash" film star Ezra Miller discussed what he hopes to bring to the big screen Barry Allen.

"I'd like for it to be an exploration of a human being, a multi-dimensional human being, to speak." said Miller. "I'd like the character to have many dimensions. But really, I'd like him to have the usual dimensions we know and love, and then some extra ones that are part of the amazing consideration of this superhero. I hope to realize him as a person, and I think what's most exciting for me in superhero mythologies is when we feel the humanity of someone who is heroic -- or the heroism of someone who is a flawed, deeply human person."

Opens March 23, 2018


"Gambit" producer Simon Kinberg talked with Collider about "Gambit's" tone compared to the other X-Men films.

"I mean 'Deadpool' obviously has a very different, almost antithetical tone to the mainline X-Men movies," Kinberg explained. "The 'X-Men' movies are dramatic and almost operatic, whereas 'Deadpool' is irreverent and hysterical and sort of a dirty R-rated comedy in many ways. And 'Gambit' will have its own different flavor and tone to it, will be more of like a heist movie and a sexy thriller in a way."

Opens October 7, 2016


You can check out a recap of last night's episode, "A Bitter Pill To Swallow," right here. There's also a promo for next week's installment, which is titled "The Son of Gotham."

Now that BD Wong is in the makeup chair, he's shared a few potential looks for his Hugo Strange.

WHICH ONE OF THESE MEN WILL BE #hugostrange on #gotham? We may not know for sure till the last minute. But I will tell you one thing. This guy is definitely into gas masks and water sports. Be afraid. @gothamonfox @bd_wong

A photo posted by BD Wong (@wongbd) on

Airs Mondays on Fox


ComicBookMovie has posted a few pics from Getty Images featuring Mike Colter in one of Luke Cage's more formal looks.


In an interview with "LA Magazine," filmmakers Mark and Jay Duplass revealed that they have been approached to helm a superhero film.

"We have been," said Mark Duplass when asked if they've been approached. "We said no. The thing that happens when you sign on to a $180 million movie is that the movie is not a movie. It's a commodity. We're not in that business."

"It's very easy to blow people's minds in Hollywood," added Jay Duplass. "Just say no. Now, if it were Batman and Robin as a 98 percent relationship drama in the Bat Cave...I would bet that's 12,000 people's favorite movie."


There's a recap for "Livewire," last night's "Supergirl" episode, right here on CBR.

Airs Mondays on CBS


According to Heroic Hollywood, an unnamed source has revealed that Chris Pine may be playing two characters in "Wonder Woman." HH was quick to point out that they're waiting on further confirmation, but it looks like the character in the leaked set picture is Steve Trevor's grandfather. This means that Pine might be pulling double duty as both Steve Trevor and grandpa Trevor.

Opens June 23, 2017

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