COMIC REEL: New Marvel One-Shot Details; Atwell Rumored For "Agent Carter" Series


The "Thor: The Dark World" Blu-ray release will feature a new Marvel One-Shot entitled "Hail to the King" -- and considering the end of the film, it seems likely that the short film will have something to do with Tom Hiddleston's Loki. The Blu-ray release arrives February 25, so look for more details on "Hail to the King" leading up to the end of next month.

"Thor: The Dark World" Blu-ray releases February 25.


Speaking of Marvel One-Shots, a new rumor has begun circulating that Hayley Atwell has signed on for an "Agent Carter" television series. The rumor began via the British tabloid The Mirror, which quotes an anonymous source as saying, "It's Marvel's big project of 2014, and it will be a big budget production."

It's definitely an unconfirmed rumor, so take it with a grain of salt -- but considering the reports about an "Agent Carter" series being in development, bringing Atwell onboard seems like it would be a logical first step to getting the series moving.


Comic Book Movie has posted quotes from Hugh Jackman in the most recent print edition of Empire Magazine that characterizes "X-Men: Days of Future Past" as "the biggest movie Fox has made outside of Avatar."

As for Wolverine's status in the film, Jackman wasn't able to give much away, but did state, "He's a warrior and he can't hide from that anymore, even if the consequences are going to be messy and painful. If there's an era for Wolverine, it's the '70s. The hair, the mutton chops, you can smoke cigars everywhere...everything about Wolverine seems more at home in the '70s."

Opens May 23


After a bit of radio silence from "The Walking Dead," Spoiler TV has posted a promotional photo of Rick and Carl walking the rails in advance of the series' midseason premiere on February 9.

Returns February 9 on AMC


Marvel has officially released nine images from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" -- some old, some new -- featuring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Robert Redford and more.

In the most recent issue of Empire Magazine, screenwriter Christopher Markus discussed the Boy Scout image of Captain America and how it's explored in "The Winter Soldier."

"What helps us get past the pious Boy Scout that he could turn into is that he doesn't really want to be this guy," Markus told Empire. "He would prefer to be Steve Rogers just walking down the street, helping people sometimes. ... He's kind of the still centre and things happen around him and are influenced by him. It's interesting in this movie, for instance, to watch his relationship with Black Widow, who of course has a very different outlook. It can make it difficult with executives who often want arcs. It's very difficult not to sound lazy when you go, 'Well, he doesn't really have an arc.'"

Opens April 4


The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" viral Daily Bugle tumblr is having a lot of fun dropping references to the greater Spider-Man universe, this time posting an entry referencing Thomas Fireheart, the civilian identity of the Puma -- a professional assassin and mercenary. According to the Bugle tumblr, Fireheart Industries will help pay for the repairs to Midtown Science High needed as a result of the Lizard attack in "Amazing Spider-Man."

Opens May 2


To wrap up the week, here's the first official photo from "Guardians of the Galaxy" featuring Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and a CG Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

Opens August 1

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