COMIC REEL: Megalyn EK Returns To "Vixen"; "BvS" Producer Lays Out DCEU Schedule


Megalyn E.K. revealed on Twitter that she is back in the recording booth working on season two of her CW Seed animated series, "Vixen."

It's going down. #Vixen 2 💪🏿 pic.twitter.com/ypFSoXxdPd

- Megalyn E.K. (@Megalyn) March 22, 2016


You can check out a recap of last night's "S.H.I.E.L.D." right here.

Collider chatted with Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker about the current state of FitzSimmons, which sees the two of them back to being just friends.

"In a way, it feels to me like we've earned this moment of calm a little bit," said Henstridge. "You can't have too much volatility in a relationship and ask too much of the audience, and then be like, 'Okay, now you need to care about this massive argument, too.' You need to earn that. They've been through so much and have nearly lost each other so many times that for them, where they are at the moment, we don't know what's happening. We don't know what our relationship is going to turn into, or if we're going to be friends or more, but it doesn't really matter because at least we're both alive and on the same planet."

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


In an interview with Empire, director Joe Russo described "Civil War" as a bit of a love story.

"What's fascinating about the Cap-Bucky story as well is it's a love story," said Russo. "These are two guys who grew up together, and so they have that same emotional connection to each other as brothers would, and even more so because Bucky was all Steve had growing up."

Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Solider himself, also weighed in on Bucky and Steve's relationship, saying, "I think it's easy and generalizing it to say that they're lovers, when you're forgetting that one has a lot of guilt because he swore to be the protector of the other, the father figure or older brother so to speak, and then left him behind... I have no qualms with it but I think people like to see it much more as a love story than it actually is. It's brotherhood to me."

Opens May 6, 2016


Poster artist Ciara McAvoy has tweeted that she is working on the poster for a "Captain Britain" TV series for Marvel Television.

For my 1000th Tweet: Who will be playing Brian Braddock in the upcoming tv series #CaptainBritain?#Marvel Stay tune! pic.twitter.com/e0gbXKjdav

- Ciara McAvoy (@CiaraMcAvoy1) March 19, 2016

She followed up that tweet with this one:

I can't reveal anything yet but hopefully I'll be able to soon. Waiting for the go ahead from the co-producer

- Ciara McAvoy (@CiaraMcAvoy1) March 22, 2016

She also named a few producers attached to the project.

Something to start with : The producer Chris - @mrcoolmintprod

and the co producer Eleni - @MOVIESEL5 #CaptainBritain

- Ciara McAvoy (@CiaraMcAvoy1) March 23, 2016

This news should be taken with a grain of salt, however. First, as much of his lore is tied closely with the X-Men, it's not clear that Marvel even has the rights to Captain Britain; he might exist in the same gray area as Quicksilver. Second, Marvel is notoriously tight-lipped about upcoming projects and it would be incredibly unprecedented for a poster designer to be allowed to announce a potentially major Marvel project.


The Hollywood Reporter has a spoiler-filled interview with "Daredevil" showrunners Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie, wherein they discuss the big moments from the season two finale.

On Matt revealing his secret identity to Karen: "What we wanted the most was for that to feel more like an emotional moment for Matt," said Ramirez. "He has been brought to the place where the next logical thing emotionally for him is that he just has to tell her. We wanted to build that as opposed to the mask falling off in the heat of the moment. We wanted to make sure it felt like an active choice where someone comes forward and says, 'This is something you need to know about me.' In terms of what happens after that, we hope that the audience will someday get to see what comes next. We liked very much what we shot, specifically what Charlie and Deborah did in that scene."

Now streaming on Netflix


While speaking with Collider, "BvS" producer Deborah Snyder discussed the ongoing production schedule of the rapidly expanding DC movie-verse.

"So 'Suicide Squad' is in post and that comes out later this summer, and 'Wonder Woman' we just finished most of the bulk of principal photography in London," said Snyder. "They're taking a two-week hiatus so Gal [Gadot] can come and do press, and then we go back and shoot the Themiscyra sections in Italy, and then come back for some pickups in London, just some green screen and some tank work, and things like that. We start 'Justice League' April 11th and that is at Leavesden, mostly on stage and some locations around there as well as Iceland and I think a beat in Scotland at the end of the schedule. And we are working with James Wan on the development of the 'Aquaman' script right now, and I'm hoping that sometime first quarter of next year we'll be in production on that movie as well as working on the script for 'Flash.' So it's a little busy."

"Suicide Squad" opens on August 5, 2016; "Wonder Woman" opens on June 23, 2017; "Justice League Part One" opens on November 17, 2017; "Aquaman" opens on July 27, 2018; "Flash" opens on March 16, 2018


Art of the Title has an extensive write-up and interview about "Deadpool's" opening and closing credit sequences -- including video of both in case you want to relive the mayhem of that opening sequence.


You can read a recap of last night's "Flash," "Trajectory," right here on CBR. There's also a promo for next week's installment, which sees the return of Eddie Thawne and Pied Piper.

Allison Paige also spoke with CBR ahead of last night's episode about her debut as the show's first female speedster. She spoke about what her arrival teaches the Flash.

"The Flash learns to not judge a book by its cover," said Paige. "Sometimes there are deeper meanings. The Flash does have such a good heart in that he does want to really, truly help everyone. Even the ones that may seem like a bad egg, he wants to help. Also, he learns about himself and his abilities and what he is capable of. She pushes him and his abilities a bit. He definitely discovers some inner strength about himself from Trajectory."

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


The CW has released the trailer for next week's episode, "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie."

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


Voice actor Will Arnett has revealed the teaser poster for the "LEGO Batman Movie."

I AM Lego Batman#LEGOBatman pic.twitter.com/TSg9IOdLAw

- Will Arnettâ„¢ (@arnettwill) March 22, 2016

Opens February 10, 2017


CBR has an interview with Robert Kirkman and Chris Black about "Outcast's" journey from the page to the screen.

"So we were at some kind of 'Walking Dead' event between Seasons One and Two, and [Sharon Tal Yguado of Fox International] just casually was like, 'Oh, what are you working on now? You got any new things you're cooking up?'" said KIrkman. "And I just thought I was at a comic book convention, talking to a fellow comic professional. So, I'm like, 'Oh you know, I've got this thing I'm doing, it's about this guy Kyle Barnes. It's a sort of an exorcism thing, but not really. And it's got some cool elements to it. And this and that and blah blah blah.' And she kind of interrupted me and went, 'Well, I'll buy that.' And I don't know what that's all about. And then the next day my people -- as they say -- called me up, 'We got this deal from Fox International. What did you say? What's going on?'"


During an appearance on "Ellen," Zendaya responded to the question of whether or not she's in "Spider-Man" with a quiet, "Yeah." The actor vaguely elaborated, "I can't say anything else other than I'm going to be in it," admitting she doesn't even know when she will start shooting the movie.

Opens July 7, 2017


Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and Variety, take a look at the cavalcade of stills and behind-the-scenes pics from "Worlds Finest" below:

Airs Mondays on CBS

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