COMIC REEL: "Legends Of Tomorrow's" Canary Takes "Flight" On Airboard; Bennet Talks "SHIELD" Name Change


Caity Lotz has posted a video to Instagram from the "LoT" set showing her in her White Canary outfit riding an Airboard.

I feel like this is how white canary should get around #airboard thanks @theairwheel and @thetraviswong !!

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Premieres in 2016 on the CW


You can check out a recap of last night's season premiere episode, "Laws of Nature," over on Spinoff. ABC also aired a promo for next week's installment, an episode titled "Purpose in the Machine."

In a postgame interview with Variety, Chloe Bennet talked about the introduction of a gay character, Joey, to the show.

"Joey is the first person that [Daisy] really feels like could be part of the team; they have to go through a certain level of assessment before that happens," said Bennet. "As for him being gay, I was really, really happy to see that, and I am mostly happy to see how nonchalant it was and how subtle it was and how no one made a big deal about it. That's the kind of reference to someone being gay that I like to see; it doesn't affect the storyline in any way -- it's subtle, and I thought that was really good on the writers. Just like when people ask what it's like to play a strong female character and it's always a little frustrating."

Bennet also spoke to ComicBook.com about her character's name change from Skye to Daisy. "I thought it would be way harder but everyone was pretty easy of a transition, I don't know why," said Bennet. "I think you'll see the first couple of episodes we focus on the fact that she's changing her name and that Coulson in particular has the hardest time. There's little references to it throughout the first couple episodes that made it easier." The actress also said that her character has not gone by her codename Quake yet, but she hopes that happens soon.

CBR has an interview with showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurisssa Tancharoen wherein they answer fan questions. Whedon had this to say about the way the show handles season-long arcs: "We do think of the season in two parts. There is always carry over, but we try to tell two distinct stories now that we divide the airing schedule in that way. It also helps us tackle the daunting task of 22 episodes without being paralyzed with fear at the thought of generating over a thousand pages of material each year. A tease? Coulson has Mack's red axe mounted in his office."

CBR TV also has a new interview with stars Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg.

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Concept artist Andy Poon has revealed initial designs for Speedy and Katana, as posted over on Film Sketchr.


Entertainment Weekly has reported that "BvS" has earned a PG-13 rating for "intense sequences of violence and action throughout, and some sensuality."

Opens March 25, 2016


While speaking with reporters at a press event for the Blu-ray release of "Avengers: Age of Ultron," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke to Peter Parker's role in "Civil War" and how the film juggles a massive cast.

Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, will make his Marvel debut in "Captain America: Civil War," something that Feige seems to no longer shy away from discussing after keeping quiet about it for a while. "There were a lot of characters in 'The Winter Soldier,' but it felt like a very singular and relatively simple thriller 'Civil War' follows in that same way," said Feige, as reported by IGN. "I think that's something [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] pride themselves on, and our screenwriters Chris Markus and Steve McFeely are excellent at giving each character just enough. They're not full arcs for everybody; it's just enough that their presence is felt and important, but that the very clear single story that is being told is being served at all times."

Opens May 6, 2016


It's now been a month since "Hannibal" star Mads Mikkelsen was rumored to be up for the villain role in Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange" film. Now, while speaking with Chinese site MTime, Mikkelsen provided an update on his potential journey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"I know as much as the rest of the world about it," said Mikkelsen. "So far it's been rumors, and so I'm waiting for a phone call. And if they do call me I would be over the moon. It would be fantastic to be part of the Marvel family, I mean it's something we all grew up with and we all have our heroes and Doctor Strange is definitely one of the more interesting things."

Opens November 4, 2016


Variety has learned that "The Flash" has cast "Melrose Place" alum Vanessa Williams (not the former Miss America turned singer and actress Vanessa Williams) in the role of Joe West's wife and Iris West's mother.

Teddy Sears has posted a picture of himself in his Jay Garrick supersuit to his Instagram page.

See you in a week #Flash

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DC Comics' website has posted a new "Flash" poster for season two.


Deadline has reported that "Gotham's" ratings remained steady in the second week of it's second season, with the second episode matching the viewership in the 18-49 demo of the premiere.

CBR also premiered a featurette from "Gotham's" upcoming "What Lies Below" episode.

Airs Mondays on Fox


There's a new featurette for CBS' "Supergirl" that introduces the show's cast.

Premieres October 26 on CBS


Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Lennie James wherein he talks about playing Morgan in the upcoming season.

"One of the brilliant things of playing him is joining the dots. So, linking the guy you saw who was three weeks ahead of Rick in the pilot, and then the guy who had lost his mind in 'Clear' in season 3, and linking those guys and making sure that not just that you play who he is in the situation, but who he used to be in carrying that along with him," said James. "So the thing I had to do in the finale of season 5 was make sure that despite the fact that he's quite obviously gone through a transformation again, that he's still the guy he was in 'Clear' even though he's trying not to be, and is also still the guy he was in the first episode, but obviously has moved on. So, that's the beauty of kind of playing that character and linking them together. And he has gone through a transformation. It's the transformation that the viewers will find out some or none about in season 6."

Return October 11 on AMC

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