COMIC REEL: "Legends of Tomorrow" EP Teases Hawkgirl's Past Lives; "Walking Dead's" Payne Praises Jesus' Control


While talking with TV Guide, showrunner Phil Klemmer spoke about -- SPOILER ALERT -- the death of Hawkman and how Hawkgirl will keep him involved in the show beyond his demise.

"The tragedy is [Kendra] just came to believe what he was saying was true -- the fact that they were destined to fall in love in this life and every life that has preceded it. That happened on the eve of Vandal killing him," said Klemmer. "What we're going to explore in our show is her gradually remembering all the lives they had together in various time periods and how they inform this life, how everything she's learned in her 208 deaths will give her the strength and power and knowledge on how to not fail this time, when she will ultimately confront Vandal Savage."

The CW has also released a new, confident poster for the show, featuring the entire "Legends" crew.


Marvel has released a new clip from next week's "Agent Carter," an episode titled "The Atomic Job."

#AgentCarter & Jarvis sneak around to steal a corpse in a clip from next Tuesday's new ep!https://t.co/9BJ6WxeiwA

- Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) February 3, 2016

Airs Mondays on ABC


There's a recap of last night's "Arrow," titled "Unchained," right here on CBR. There's also a promo for next week's ep, "Sins of the Father."

"Arrow" executive producer Wendy Mericle also spoke to TVLine about the decision to make the Calculator Felicity's father and to bring Roy Harper back.

"It was kind of a double whammy," said Mericle. "We knew we wanted to bring Roy back, and we wanted to do that in a way that was organic. When we sent him off, we pretty much sold the world on the idea that he was the Arrow and he was gone, so we needed somebody who was going to be able to dig out that information and be really smart about it. We wanted Felicity's father to be somebody who had a very similar skill set to her, to kind of explain the genetics of her brainpower, and it just seemed like a perfect marriage to have Roy working for this guy who seemingly has a higher, better agenda, something that has some socially conscious angle, but doing it in ways that are very questionable."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


"BvS'" headlining heroes and their supporting cast will be featured on a line of Dr. Pepper cans, as revealed by Dr. Pepper. The cans prominently feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, with each character getting their own can.


ComicBookMovie has spotted a few "Captain America: Civil War" banners, each one spotlighting a character from the movie. The images themselves were previously seen in another massive piece of promo art.


Netflix Italy has released a new promo image from "Daredevil" season two, featuring Matt Murdock's shattered glasses.

Gli equilibri di Hell's Kitchen sono destinati a non durare. #Daredevil torna il 18 marzo. #SoloSuNetflix pic.twitter.com/px5ATC7h0R

- Netflix Italia (@NetflixIT) February 2, 2016

Returns to Netflix on March 18


Director Tim Miller gets interviewed in a new featurette teasing the film's IMAX release.

Opens February 12, 2016


Screencrush has reported that comedian Steve Agee will have some type of role in "Guardians Vol. 2." The reveal came via Doug Benson on his podcast, "Doug Loves Movies." On the show, Benson said, "...[Steve] just found out because he's in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he has to shoot that bullsh*t instead of being here with us today."

Opens May 5, 2017


It's official: Grant Gustin's Flash will appear in a March episode of "Supergirl," although the plot and circumstances of the episode have yet to be revealed.

"We are so incredibly excited to announce something that we have dreamed of happening since we starting making 'Supergirl' -- The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up!," "The Flash" and "Supergirl" Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg said in a joint statement. "We want to thank Grant Gustin for making the time to come visit (on top of his already immense workload) and all of the folks at CBS, The CW, Warner Bros. and DC for working this out. And finally thanks to the fans and journalists who have kept asking for this to happen. It is our pleasure and hope to create an episode worthy of everyone's enthusiasm and support."

A clue about the team-up arrived later, via Grant Gustin's Instagram. The title of the episode, "Worlds Finest," indicates that parallel Earths will possibly play a factor in the episode.

Really really. Flash is about to meet Supergirl. @melissabenoist

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

Airs Mondays on CBS


New cast addition Tom Payne spoke to EW about playing Jesus.

"What I like about him is his control," said Payne. "He is physically and mentally capable, but is careful not to reveal his strengths too quickly. He has the measure of people pretty quickly upon meeting them and is always thinking about the best way to handle any situation he finds himself in. I'm very much looking forward to exploring the character further with the audience. It's an exciting road ahead."

Airs Sundays on AMC


The X-Men film's expansive cast are now being shown off in a new theater standee, as revealed via Universo X-Men. The display features Apocalypse's Horsemen Archangel, Storm, Psylocke and Magneto, figureheads Apocalypse and Professor Xavier, and the X-Men Mystique, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler, Beast and Jean Grey.

#XMENAPOCALYPSE: WOW! Nova divulgação do filme de X-Men: Apocalipse! #xmen #marvel pic.twitter.com/AT3tylMVP3

- Universo X-Men (@universoxmen) February 4, 2016

Opens May 27, 2016

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