COMIC REEL: iZombie Trailer Leaks Online; The "Ant Man" Saga Continues


Cosmic Book News spotted a lo-res YouTube video -- uploaded by Universo Zumby -- of the trailer for the forthcoming CW series:

Not sure if it's my kind of show, but I'm sure all the Rob Thomas fans out there will dig it.

Premieres: 2015


Ready for another update in the ongoing saga of the directorless "Ant Man"? According to Collider, Deadline's report of "Neighbors" helmer Nicholas Stoller being bandied about as Edgar Wright's replacement is "unfounded". They add, "It's understandable that all sorts of names will get thrown around in the presumed chaos that has resulted from Edgar Wright departing the project just a few days ago, but Stoller ain't the man for 'Ant-Man.'" That same Deadline story also mentions "Goon" director Michael Dowse. He's as good a name as any, I suppose. Hell, what's William Friedkin up to these days? Maybe he'd be into it. One other director who has declined the job, if just in jest, is schlock icon Roger Corman, who tweeted: "I'm a little too busy to direct Ant-Man right now, but thank you." Maybe, someday, Marvel will find someone who wants to direct this thing.

Release date: July 17, 2015


The Man of Steel Fanpage reports the production will descend on Detroit next week with scenes calling for extras of "military and business executive types." Hmm, sounds like a LexCorp presentation, doesn't it? The report also mentions the production needs some 8500 extras over the course of the film, which means some photos will definitely leak from the set.

Release date: May 6, 2016


Latino Review has an early review of the film. It's pretty spoiler-filled, but here's the final analysis from their tipper: "It's not perfect. There are parts that drag, some action sequences that aren't as strong as one might hope, and some puzzling/unexplained motivations. The good news is that there's time to fix these things and, even if they don't solve everything, it'll still be a lot of fun." Well, that seems hopeful. Granted, most summer movies are flawed in some ways, so if the characters are appealing and the movie is fun, that's a win, right?

Release date: August 1, 2014


Deadline reports that Djimon Hounsou will "play Chief Mbonga in the action adventure" directed by David Yates of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" fame. The character has a history in both the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels and DC Comics.

Release date: July 1, 2016


While talking with Total Film, Mark Ruffalo revealed a few details about the Hulk's role in the film. "[My role's] even bigger than last time, and it's more complex and it has more layers and a bit more arc," he says.

Meanwhile, MTV News revives an old rumor about Emily Blunt taking up the role of Captain Marvel in the film. They use her part in "Edge of Tomorrow" and her history with nearly taking Marvel parts as evidence.

Release date: May 1, 2015


Riled up from his constant harshing on "Star Wars" fan enthusiasm, Devin Faraci at Badass Digest published an article on the "new rules" for talking about Episode VII online.

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