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COMIC REEL: “Gotham” Goes To Series; Gregg on “Agents of SHIELD’s” Endgame

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COMIC REEL: “Gotham” Goes To Series; Gregg on “Agents of SHIELD’s” Endgame


Well, it’s official: Fox has picked up “Gotham” for its 2014-2015 season and released a few trailers for the upcoming television series.


CBR spoke with Clark Gregg about the upcoming endgame of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and what viewers can expect from the upcoming season finale.

“We’ve got Agent Garrett, the psychopathic murderer who seems to have some parts of him made of metal — only in Marvel. And really, S.H.I.E.L.D. essentially destroyed Coulson and his team, [who are] on the run. I think there’s a lot to accomplish in the last episodes in terms of settling those scores,” Gregg told CBR. “I guess the thing I would say is, I think they might have picked the wrong moment to mess with Phil Coulson. This guy’s been through a lot, starting with being stabbed during ‘The Avengers,’ and nothing’s going right for him. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to find a way to kind of give back as well as he’s been receiving.”

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


The “X-Men: Days of Future Past” stinger at the end of “Amazing Spider-Man 2” has been posted online, featuring Mystique teaming up with Havok to liberate a bunch of mutant soldiers.

Opens May 23


Apparently, there was an “Amazing Spider-Man 2” post-credits scene, but it got cut. Geek Tyrant (via Collider) has posted details on the deleted post-credits scene as well as photos. Reportedly, the scene follows the shadow man walking up to the head of a cryogenically frozen Norman Osborn and saying, “Wake up old friend.”

Check out the photos below.

Meanwhile Grantland spoke with Marc Webb about forming the Sinister Six and the teaser that audiences could access by using the Shazam music recognition app.

“I had to talk to Drew Goddard (The Sinister Six writer/director) and make sure these things were going to be played out in the future universe,” Webb told Grantland. “There are some very specific plans, for example, for [Doc] Ock and for Vulture. Or the man in the hat at the end of the first movie. All those things emerge with varying degrees of emphasis.”

Now in theaters


While the season five premiere for “The Walking Dead” is still a ways off, casting news has already begun with “The Wire” alum Seth Gilliam joining the season five cast in an unknown role. THR reports the casting breakdown identified GIlliam’s character as Michael, a man who is “friendly with a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side,” though neither the name or description are currently expected to be accurate.


Ain’t It Cool News has a fun and juicy tidbit about the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII” — rumor has it that the official working title for the new film is “The Ancient Fear.”

Movie Cricket spoke with actor John Morton — Dak Ralter in “Empire Strikes Back” (Luke Skywalker’s Snowspeeder gunner) — who said that the “Star Wars Rebels” animated series will have a direct tether to Episode VII.

“‘Rebels’ is the key. ‘Rebels’ will provide the link to bring in the continuity from ‘Clone Wars,’ the Original Trilogy and the Prequels to enable LucasFilm and Disney to tee-up ‘Episode VII,'” Morton told Movie Cricket. “If you want my informed opinion, it will enable ‘Episode VII’ to leapfrog over the whole trilogy. … The key that is going to make this work is ‘Rebels.’ ‘Rebels’ will set up and point the direction for ‘Episode VII’. … The characters they are creating in Rebels will be around in ‘Episode VII.'”

That said, Morton isn’t currently set for any role in “Star Wars Rebels” and it’s unknown as to what capacity he might be involved in its production. Take this with a grain of salt.

Opens December 18, 2015


“Veronica Mars” documentary director Viet Nguyen took to Instagram to post the logo treatment for Rob Thomas’ “iZombie” pilot. The photo features both Nguyen and Walt Bost, the supervising sound editor of the iZombie pilot, the “Veronica Mars” documentary and the recent feature film.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES has posted a new photo from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” featuring April O’Neil’s new look and an impressive armory of bladed weapons.


Opens August 8


Avi Arad has reportedly released an open letter claiming responsibility for the success of Marvel Studios. The letter was written in response to a recent profile of Kevin Feige on Bloomberg Businessweek, taking issue with the article’s claim that Arad left Marvel Studios as a result of “doubts about the strategy” to spin off into its own entity.

Good morning Devin. As usual you manage to disappoint me with your false statements. I am sure you were told by Marvel that I resigned over the self-financing strategy. It is about time for a reporter like you to do your homework and check the facts. It will sound arrogant to you, but I single handedly put together the Marvel slate. Read it carefully and you will notice the natural progression of the character’s design to get to where we are today. You should reach out to Merill Lynch and Ambac Insurance and to our international partners that came on board based on my track record. Our financial partners counted on my reputation. I had to work very hard to convert the doubters. They trusted me and without Iron Man this article would have not been written. Iron Man was not even in the original slate. I knew that we needed it so I set out to get it back from Newline and the rest is history. Our financing would have never happened without me reaching out to Brad Grey to make a distribution deal that will give you a corporate guarantee. Other people in Marvel worked for many months with Universal and could not reach a deal. I got tired of waiting and went to Brad. The deal was done in days, successful for both companies. The big presentation to financial institutions and insurance companies took place on the Paramount lot. I was the presenter and it worked. Does this sound to you like someone who disagreed with the strategy to make our own movies? I have forgiven Kevin for following orders and taking the credit, but he had no choice. Shame on you for kowtowing to your business gods. I have given up on journalistic integrity. You called me to talk about Kevin and I gave you the most true and glowing account on someone that I love and respect. Share your notes otherwise you just wasted my time. I will share this letter with other papers and your management to demonstrate the unprofessional self-serving work this reporter demonstrated.


Wrapping up, “Punisher: War Zone” director Lexi Alexander continued her chat with Spinoff Online about her experience on the film and more. It’s definitely worth a read — check out an excerpt below and then head over to Spinoff Online for the full piece.

“I would have not said yes if I felt averse to doing it. I got the comic books first and I studied them, and what I saw in them was the humor,” Alexander told Spinoff Online of the film. “I think I’ve said this in several interviews, but one of the first pages I opened up, some guy’s threatening the other guy and said, “If you don’t do this, I’ll cut off your balls and put them in your coffee,” and in the next drawing you see the guy drinking coffee with his balls swimming in it. And so I laughed out loud and I said, oh, I get what it is. This is like over-the-top kind of funny violence. And so I could relate to that. It was a bit of a throwback to the ’80s, where I grew up watching all the crazy ’80s movies. And I came in and pitched it. I said can we do it like this, and they all said that’s exactly what we want to do. Then I went on the Internet and talked to all the fans. Like, there was all these Punisher fan clubs. I talked to them and I said, “What did you not like about the past movies – what do you want to see?” And they pretty much said the same thing. They said, “We want it to be more like the comic book” and blah, blah. So I studied it and I wasn’t even very original; I just really wanted to put the comic book on the screen, which based on the critics and the reviews is what I’ve actually achieved. Now some people wanted it to be a little bit more realistic. I would have never done that movie realistic. But where I got into trouble with the studio was not the making of it but it was the marketing of it. And also there was suddenly constantly money missing. Like, they were telling me one budget; people sometimes said it was 30 million. There was no $30 million. I didn’t even have $20 million. And I actually had to look at the line budget, and I don’t know – I mean, I don’t know what that was, because when they first offered it to I believe it was John Dahl, was it 30 million and it became 20 when I came on? It was all a bit mysterious. I think they didn’t really want to put that much into P&A and marketing and all of that stuff.”

Got any rampant rumors or weird comic book stuff? Be sure to drop us an email or sling us a webline on Twitter!

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