COMIC REEL: "GOTG 2's" Saldana Shares Behind-The Scenes Gamora Pics; Momoa Shows Off Aquaman Workout


Over the past week, Zoe Saldana has posted two behind-the-scenes pics to Facebook featuring her sporting her Gamora look.

#Happythursday #green carajo!!!

Posted by Zoe Saldana on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Opens May 5, 2017


You can read our panel report from WonderCon's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." panel. The panel revealed that an upcoming episode will reveal some backstory for Simmons' Agent Mack at long last as a result of the loss of Morse and Hunter.

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Director James Wan spoke with IGN about his upcoming "Aquaman" movie and his goal to make it fun.

"Aquaman is a character that is, you know, a lot of people have made fun of over the years," Wan told IGN at WonderCon. "I just think it's fun to actually show a really different, cool, badass side to this character, but at the same time, let's not forget to have fun with it."

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"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" brought in $170.1 million at the U.S. box office and $254 million overseas, for a worldwide total of $424.1 million -- the fourth-biggest opening in global history. According to BoxOffice.com, the $170.1 domestic take was a record for a March release, besting the $152.54 million mark set by "The Hunger Games" in 2012.

Director Zack Snyder also gave a spoilery interview with Buzzfeed wherein he revealed how he filmed "BvS'" surprise ending. Spoilers ahead:

"BvS" then concludes with funeral scenes for both Clark Kent in Smallville and Superman in Metropolis. In order to keep these scenes secret, the crew had to be very careful. Clark Kent's funeral was referred to as a "harvest festival" during production and the scene with his open casket featured just the film's crew as extras. Superman's funeral was kept vague, with people assuming that the casket draped in an American flag belonged to the president.

"I would tell [the extras] that there was a huge tragedy, and Superman saved the day," said Snyder. "But there was a lot of emotion around what happened, and it's a sad day. Everyone worked it out in their own heads. There was one fireman who was really crying. I was like, 'Wow, that's great.'"

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Hot Toys has released photos from their upcoming "Civil War" Falcon figure.


CBR has an exclusive clip from tonight's "Gotham" episode, which is titled "Prisoners."

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Jason Momoa has posted a training video showing off his "Justice League" workout as he preps to play Aquaman.

A video posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Opens November 17, 2017


CBM.com has grabbed information from he latest issue of "Empire" magazine about the upcoming "Kingsman" sequel, which now has the subtitle "The Golden Circle." The article states that Julianne Moore will play lead villain Poppy and that Halle Berry will play Ginger, the co-lead of the United States' spy organization.

"I didn't know if I wanted to direct this or not," said returning director Matthew Vaughn. "I was worried about the villain. Spy films are only as good as their villains. Then one morning I woke up with the whole storyline in place, and a new villain plot... You try not to read what people want, but they do want another church sequence. I have no reason for another massacre to happen. But I have other sequences you've never seen before." The article lists some of those sequences, which include a skiing sequence, more barroom brawls, robot dogs, one-armed henchmen and what Vaughn calls, "a massive f---ing frankfurter."

CB also has scans of concept art from the film.


A new sizzle reel for the remainder of "Legends of Tomorrow's" debut season has been released.

Jonah Hex is coming to DC's #LegendsOfTomorrow. Watch the latest full episodes now: https://t.co/vJz6oPTjGFhttps://t.co/Ic3Ek4zX3j

- Legends of Tomorrow (@TheCW_Legends) March 27, 2016

The cast and crew also discussed what's to come during a panel at WonderCon over the weekend. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim promised resolution by the end of the first season -- you'll know if the team is able to stop Vandal Savage; you'll see a resolution of the love triangle between Ray, Kendra and Carter; and you'll get to know more about what the Time Masters are up to. "I don't think there are too many unanswered questions at the end of this season."

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"The LEGO Batman Movie" has released a second trailer, this time featuring a scene between Bruce and Alfred.

Opens February 10, 2017


USA Today has a couple of new team shots of the Squad.


You can read a recap of last night's "Walking Dead" right here. AMC has also released a clip and teaser for next week's finale episode.

Norman Reedus spoke with THR about what's to come for Daryl in the season six finale.

"You should be very worried about Daryl. At the end of the episode, there's a comment that Dwight makes ['You'll be alright'] -- and we're really good about throwing you off base," said Reedus. "That comment might not even be to Daryl. It could be to Rosita -- or to anybody there. Or it could be to something that some scuffle that happens directly afterward. Do you trust that guy? Anyone automatically assuming that's the obvious play is trusting words that come out of that guy's mouth and we're really good at throwing you for a loop. So... food for thought."

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CBM.com has a transcription from Empire Magazine's recent coverage of "X-Men: Apocalypse," which includes information about a scene that takes place in a Weapon X facility. The description reads: "The quartet have been kidnapped by army twonk William Stryker following a cataclysmic event at the X-Mansion, and wake up in a holding cell. On a balcony above them, Stryker taunts his prisoners, demanding to know the whereabouts of Magneto."

Director Bryan Singer addressed how Wolverine fits into the story, if Weapon X -- the facility that gave the mutant his famous adamantium skeleton and claws -- plays a part in the film. "As a central character, he didn't fit into this particular story," said Singer. It's not yet been confirmed that Hugh Jackman will appear in the film, and Singer's comment seems to leave wiggle-room for a possible cameo appearance from Wolverine.

Singer also said he doesn't think about leaving the X-franchise, saying that, "Abandoning the franchise is not something I think about. But I could not roll into another X-Men movie tomorrow. And I hope not to. I hope to take a break." When asked if there are villains he'd like to work with, he said that he'd "love to use Proteus somehow. There's a lot visually you could do with a character like that."

CBM also has scans of images from "Apocalypse" included in the latest "Empire" issue.

Opens May 27, 2016

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