COMIC REEL: "Fantastic Four" Gives Doom A Millennial Makeover; Sony Possibly Eyeing Aunt May Film


Collider has a video interview with Toby Kebbell, the actor playing Doctor Doom in the upcoming "FF" reboot. Kebbell revealed that his character's origin will have very little in common with the source material.

"He's Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story," Kebbel said. "And I'm sure I'll be sent to jail for telling you that... I'm a programmer; very anti-social programmer. And on blogging sites I'm 'Doom.'"

This isn't the first of the film's reported deviations. Human Torch actor Michael B. Jordon was quoted as saying that the Four will be wearing "containment suits" in the film, and pretty much everyone involved has called the upcoming Fox feature film gritty or realistic. Kebbell specifically used the terms "lo-fi" and "ultra-real."

Opens August 7, 2015


CBR has posted an interview with Henry Simmons, the actor who plays new addition Alphonso "Mac" Mackenzie on "S.H.I.E.L.D." So far Mac has been stationed at the ragtag agency's hidden HQ, but Simmons teased that that might change.

"Things are going to get a little crazy," said Simmons. "They are going to need everybody. Let's put it that way. I would love to get out there, do some hand-to-hand combat and fire some weapons. I think there are some things on the horizon."

The actor also talked about his character's growing friendship with Fitz. "Your heart goes out to [Fitz]. I see Mac as a big brother. He wants to protect Fitz. He sees a good-natured, kind soul, and a guy who is a little more vulnerable. It's like his little brother."

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The CW revealed a new clip from this week's episode, titled "Guilty." The footage finds the archer going on a manhunt... for Paco.

The guilty will pay. #Arrow is all new Wednesday at 8/7c!https://t.co/eMbiffaUoN

- Arrow (@CW_Arrow) November 10, 2014

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


The latest Spider-Man film rumored to be in development does not star any of Spider-Man's iconic foes, nor is it the team-up film starring all of the web-slinger's super powered leading ladies. Nope, according to one of Latino Review's inside sources, Sony is now pursuing an Aunt May solo film -- and don't get your hopes up, Sally Field fans. The film is rumored to be an "Agent Carter"-esque period piece spy thriller with a not-yet-an-aunt May at the center of it. As Spinoff points out, there's always the possibility that this "young May" pitch actually refers to a Spider-Girl film starring young May "Mayday" Parker.


Previous Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan talked to the Daily Beast about Ben Affleck replacing Christian Bale in the cape and cowl.

"I'm only involved in that project in an advisory capacity as an executive producer, so I'm not involved in the day-to-day," said Nolan. "When they told me that Ben was interested in doing it, I thought, 'How thrilling!' This is the guy who just won Best Picture as a director and as an actor, and I thought it would be a great thing that he'd be willing to do this. I think the guy is incredibly talented and I'm very excited to see what [director] Zack [Snyder] and Ben do together."

Zack and Ben are currently filming "Batman V Superman" in Chicago. Locals have started posting pics from the production on Twitter, including one person who wandered onto the Daily Planet set at 111 East Wacker Dr. A pic of the Planet's logo then made its way onto Twitter.

- Sarah Elizabeth (@sarselizabeth) November 10, 2014

Opens March 25, 2016


The CW has released a new trailer for "The Flash" called "Chosen." The new clip doesn't focus on one episode so much as the overall series, but it does include footage from upcoming altercations with Girder and other rogues. The trailer also contains numerous usages of the name "The Flash," which implies that Barry Allen will soon earn his superhero codename.

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


There's a new clip from next week's "Gotham" episode, and it sees Nicholas D'Agosto's Harvey Dent doing what he does best (flipping a coin) and "Gotham" doing what it does best (foreshadowing the arrival of Bat-villains).

For more of next week's "Harvey Dent" episode, you can check out the episode's official promo.

Lastly, Fox has released another featurette, this time focusing on the series' "lone cop" lead, Jim Gordon, and the rest of the GCPD.

Airs Mondays on Fox

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