COMIC REEL: Evans Possibly Exiting "Crow" Remake; Boseman Teases Multiple Black Panther Appearances


Good news and bad news, Crow fans! The good news: Deadline has reported that the upcoming "Crow" reboot has found a director. Corin Hardy ("The Hallow") will step in for departing director Javier Gutierrez, who left the project because of his commitments with the next "Saw" film. The bad news? According to an interview with Den of Geek, it looks like lead actor Luke Evans won't be donning the iconic face paint.

"No, at the minute 'The Crow' is not, not for me," said Evans. "I think it's a little... I mean I'm sure it's going to go ahead at some point, but I have other projects that are greenlit and ready to go and projects that I'm very interested in and you know, I can't wait much longer!" It's possible that Hardy's hiring may be the type of development Evans has been waiting for, but as of now it sounds like the new director might have to find a new lead.


Spoiler TV has promo photos for "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" upcoming fall finale. The images tease the awkward family reunion at the heart of "What They Become."

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


You can check out our recap of last night's episode, "The Brave and the Bold," over at Spinoff. The fall finale, an episode titled "The Climb," airs next week and will see Oliver Queen go up against Ra's al Ghul. The CW has released an extended promo for the action-packed installment.

If you like your promos a little more still, the CW has also released promo photos for "The Climb." You can check out a few of them below and the rest elsewhere on CBR


Airs Wednesdays on the CW


Collider has a transcript from Chadwick Boseman's recent appearance on Variety's webseries "Actors on Actors" where the "Black Panther" leading man reveals that he may appear in movies -- plural -- before appearing in his own solo film.

"There's a director on the movies that I'm introduced, but not for 'Black Panther,'" said Boseman. Black Panther will debut in "Captain America: Civil War," which leaves "Doctor Strange," "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" as the other possible films he could show up in. It's also possible that Marvel is pulling a fast one on audiences and T'Challa will actually debut in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Opens November 3, 2017


If you thought this week's "Arrow"/"Flash" crossover event was cinematic, wait until you check out the extended promo for next week's midseason finale. This clip for "The Man in the Yellow Suit" brings Barry face to face with the villain that's been haunting him since childhood.

Just like with "Arrow," the CW has released promo photos for "The Man in the Yellow Suit." You can check out a few of them below, and the rest over here.

The CW has also released two "Chasing Lightning"featurettes that focus on Grant Gustin's Barry Allen and Rick Cosnett's Eddie Thawne.

With the long-awaited event now behind them, we spoke to "Arrow" and "Flash" executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and "Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim about the possibility of doing another crossover.

"Doing it this time nearly killed us,"Kreisberg told CBR, "because we basically had to shoot two extra episodes in the same amount of time, and it really was a giant scheduling nightmare that was very difficult on both crews, both sets of casts and also for the writers. But at the same time, you look at the results, and we're so proud of these episodes. There's certainly an appetite to try and do something like this again. Hopefully we'll find the right story and the right time, and hopefully the fans are here for it, too."

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


Variety broke the news last night that AMC has ordered a pilot for "Preacher," a drama series based on the popular Vertigo series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The adaptation comes from Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and Sam Catlin, who have been working on the project since late last year. The pilot is expected to shoot next summer with the hope of debuting as a series on the cable network in 2016.


Oscar Isaac opened up to MTV about his new role as the titular villain in Bryan Singer's upcoming "X-Men" sequel, and he dropped some comic book knowledge to boot.

"The first comic book I ever collected was 'X-Factor,'" said Isaac. "I read that story with Archangel and Apocalypse. I was also obsessed with the book of Revelation and anything that referenced the second coming or the rapture... I was a weird kid... I was really into Apocalypse. When I found out they were interested in me, I got very excited."

Opens May 27, 2016

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