COMIC REEL: Downey May Keep "Bumping Along" With Marvel; Momoa Talks Aquaman's Look


Clearinghouse website Movie Casting Call has been getting a lot of attention thanks to a recent casting notice claiming to reveal who Daniel Bruhl is playing in the "Captain America" sequel. The site claims Bruhl will be playing Baron Zemo; neither the studio nor Bruhl's representation has confirmed the news.

In Empire Magazine's "Avengers" feature story, Robert Downey Jr. discussed his involvement in the film as a supporting character. "They said to me, 'If we have you, we can do this, or 'Cap 3' has to be something else. It's nice to feel needed. And at this point it's about helping each other, too. I look at it as a competition and I go, 'Wow, maybe if these two franchises teamed up and I can take even a lesser position, with people I like and directors I respect, maybe we can keep things bumping along."


Opens May 6, 2016


Marvel has released a clip from tonight's "Agent Carter." The preview from "The Blitzkrieg Button" finds Jarvis driving a hard bargain.

Opens on February 13

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