COMIC REEL: "Deadpool's" Massive Marvel Easter Egg Confirmed; "Suicide Squad's" Davis Reflects On Leto's Joker Gifts


While speaking with Collider, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick spoke about what's up ahead in the "Deadpool" sequel.

"I think there's a real conceptual difference between taking other characters and big things and bringing them into Deadpool's reasonably small, gritty world and the opposite, taking Deadpool and placing him among big ensembles who are fighting aliens or in the future where he and Cable are doing something in the future," said Reese. "I think if Cable and Deadpool team up, it will likely be in Deadpool's world. That allows us to control that budgetary thing a little more; I don't think we're gonna see Deadpool and Cable on some far-flung planet 300 years from now because I just feel like that's gonna be expensive, A, and will also take away from the relatability of Deadpool. I think at this stage in the game it's about taking other people and dropping them into this reasonably insular, gritty, urban, dark world of Deadpool."

io9 has also confirmed with concept artist Emmanuel Shiu that the third act battle in "Deadpool" does indeed take place on a Helicarrier. Helicarriers are the signature floating base of S.H.I.E.L.D. and are prominently featured in Marvel Studios' films; notably, Fox does not own the film rights to Helicarriers, so Shiu was asked to make this version look as different as possible from the ones in the Marvel movies, and to also make it look like parts of it had been disassembled.

Ryan Reynolds has posted a Korean ad for "Deadpool" to his Facebook page.

건배! 데드풀대박♥한국만세

Posted by Ryan Reynolds on Thursday, February 18, 2016

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You may have spotted a familiar face in the teaser for the back half of "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" third season. Comics Alliance has confirmed that Carl "Crusher" Creel, aka the Absorbing Man, will appear once again on the show. Brian Patrick Wade will reprise the role in the March 8 episode, "Bouncing Back."

Returns to ABC on March 8


You can read a recap of last night's episode, "Code of Silence," right here. There's also a promo for next week's episode, "Taken," that features the debut of Vixen in live-action.

The CW posted a behind the scenes look at last night's episode, which features an interview with executive producer Wendy Mericle.

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


While talking with ScreenRant, Jeremy Irons praised Ben Affleck's performance as Batman.

"He's extraordinary. Quite extraordinary," Irons shared. "And Zack Snyder, the director, fantastic vision. And I think the public have a great treat in store." He also promised the film would have a "lot of action."

Opens March 25, 2016


As reported by Yahoo!, the next issue of D23 Magazine features an interview with Chris Evans about his role as the lead of a large ensemble of "Civil War."

"Even though there are a lot characters, the focus is on Steve and his struggle," he explained. "Especially his struggle with Tony Stark... It's exciting to see a guy who's as optimistic and as selfless as Steve be met with letdown, betrayal, frustration, and selfishness. There are events and people in his life that test him -- that challenge him and force him to reevaluate who he is and what he wants out of life."

"We've seen it coming," added Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. "The clues were there. When you watch the other films you see how Captain America and Iron Man fight the bad guys together, back-to-back, but they have differences. And there is something that happens in the world that divides them."

Opens May 6, 2016


A post on Tumblr has revealed what appear to be the first character shots from "Daredevil" season 2.


Following a press release that announced the start of production on "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," released the first photo of the film's core cast and confirmed Kurt Russell's role in the film, writer/director James Gunn has dropped one more major piece of information via a Facebook comment. Gunn confirmed that newcomer Pom Klementieff will play Mantis in the film.

Opens May 5, 2017


Even though the show is already out, "Jessica Jones" has slowly been releasing more posters for season one of the show -- including a new one featuring Mike Colter's Luke Cage.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Julianne Moore may play the villain in 20th Century Fox's "Kingsman" sequel. Moore is said to currently be in talks for the film, but her busy schedule may prevent an obstacle.


"Flash" star Carlos Valdes will guest star in tonight's "Legends of Tomorrow," but -- as this exclusive clip reveals -- the nature of Cisco's appearance is quite mysterious.

Airs Thursdays on the CW


Viola Davis spoke with Vanity Fair about her time working on "Suicide Squad," and how she reacted to all of Jared Leto's... "unique"... gifts.

"The Joker, he did some bad things. Jared Leto did," said Davis. "He gave some really horrific gifts. He had henchmen that would come into the rehearsal room and the henchmen came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, then he walked out. And that was our introduction into Jared Leto... Now I'm terrified as a person thinking 'Is he crazy?' but the second part was 'Oh shit! I got to have my stuff together.' You talk about commitment and then he sends Margot Robbie a black rat. It was still alive in a box, she screamed, and then she kept it."

Opens on August 5, 2016


Jaimie Alexander spoke with Variety about her role as Sif in the "Thor" films -- but she didn't confirm whether or not we'll see Sif again in "Raganrok."

"I genuinely love the character Sif," said Alexander. "Each time I get to play her, there's this growth in the character and we find out more of who she is. That is a blast, because I've been able to slowly create this woman while still taking directions from all the comic books that existed before my performance. It's interesting that Sif has such a big backstory, whereas ['Blindspot's'] Jane has no backstory at all; they're very opposite while at the same time both very tough and vulnerable. It's a bit of a niche for me, I guess."

Alexander said she was not at all disappointed that she lost the Wonder Woman role to Gal Gadot. "I'm a huge comic book fan, and I've read a lot from all different comic book outlets," she said. "I enjoy Marvel, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in the 'Thor' films. I gravitate towards the Marvel characters. Of course, growing up I really loved Linda Carter as Wonder Woman; there will never be a better Wonder Woman. I was also a huge fan of Sigourney Weaver. Walt Simonson told me that his version of Lady Sif was very much modeled after seeing Sigourney Weaver walk down the New York streets in a red trench coat. I thought, 'Oh, well she's my favorite, so that's perfect. That's just so perfect for me."

Opens on November 3, 2017

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