COMIC REEL: "Deadpool" Writers Would "Cherish" A Shot At "X-Force"; Deadly "Thor: Ragnarok" Rumor Surfaces


During an interview with HeyUGuys, "DP" screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese revealed an eagerness to get involved with the planned "X-Force" feature film.

"Absolutely," said Wernick when asked if they'd like a crack at "X-Force." "Getting in to more of an ensemble piece is something we would cherish. X-Force is beloved and we love it, and Deadpool is centric to that world, and we'd love to bring an X-Force movie into the X Universe.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Ryan Reynolds about the film's naked fight scene, which saw him endure "eight hours of prosthetic makeup in places that no man needs to be there with a paintbrush."

The leading man also had a chat with the crew before shooting the scene. "The only way to do that is just do it," said Reynolds. "We had a little talk with the crew at the beginning of the day and just said, 'You're going to see parts of the dance floor here that you weren't ready for. I'm sorry in advance, but we're all in this together.'"

But Reynolds had an Academy Award-winning makeup artist paying attention to all of his details, so he was in good hands. "We had Bill Corso, who's this incredible Oscar-winning makeup artist .... He's a genius, and he made my penis look perfect."

Opens February 12, 2016


You can read a recap of last night's episode, "Sins of the Father," here on CBR. The CW has also aired a promo for next week's ep, "Code of Silence."

While talking with Collider, Nyssa al Ghul actor Katrina Law spoke about the flashback scene she wants to see.

"Caity Lotz and I would love to see a flashback to when Nyssa found Sara Lance on the shores of Nanda Parbat and brought her back to the League, how she met her father, their training, and how they fell in love, and then, when Sara left the League of Assassins without speaking to Nyssa first," said Law. "I would love to see that. There was a cute little flashback where they cast a mini-Nyssa and showed her fighting, and I thought that was so cool. The things that I would love to see, and that the audience would also love to see, would be the introduction of Sara into Nyssa's life and how that changed everything, and also changed everything with her father."

CBR also exclusively reported that Amy Gumenick will reprise her role as Cupid on episode 16 of the currently unfolding fourth season of "Arrow," which will air in March.

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


ComicBook.com has an interview with composer Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL) about his work on "BvS," which is the latest ina long line of films featuring the characters.

"[I]t makes little or no sense to examine what somebody else had done over the last ten or twenty years," said Holkenborg. "Because in fifty years from now, when we're all dead, somebody else is going to take a stab at Batman vs. Superman. Do you know what I mean? You don't want that person to say, 'Oh, let's look back and see what Hans Zimmer and Tom did there in 2016.' It's like, 'No, he's going to do his own thing that he feels fits the time or fits at the movie.' That's exactly what Hans and I did. We made the movie our own. We observed it. We came up with the best possible solution for that movie in combination with the wonderful Zack Snyder. It's really what that is."

Jesse Eisenberg spoke with "Playboy" about playing Lex Luthor and what draws him to the character.

"He reminds me of one of those characters in old Greek theater who very explicitly state the philosophical dilemma at hand and put it in a way that feels in line with that character's interests and voice," said Eisenberg. "He speaks in broad themes and ideas: That's what makes the character very theatrical and yet authentic. This is the kind of role actors really like to play because you don't feel like it's a problem if you color outside the lines. I can be as funny as I want to be in the context of my character behaving poorly, and I can be as sad as I want because the character's also going through real internal conflict. Take it as far as you want and be as theatrical as you want to be - it's all correct."

A new "BvS" image shows Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne standing in the rubble of Metropolis.


Entertainment Weekly has posted the latest teaser for season two of "Fear the Walking Dead."

Returns April 10 on AMC


Now that viewers have met Cisco's Earth-2 counterpart Reverb, the CW has released a pair of stills showing off the character's villainous look.


In a Facebook Q&A, writer/director James Gunn discussed many facets of the "GOTG" sequel.

"Thanos will not appear in 'Vol. 2.' No," he said. "As I've said before, Thanos isn't in this movie. I think he's gonna have a little bit to do and say when it comes to a certain wars and infinity. We've got other fish to fry in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.'"

"We're not really so much about the Infinity Stones in 'Guardians 2.' Is that a spoiler? It's not really a thing," he added.

Opens May 5, 2017


A new featurette goes inside tonight's "LoT" episode, "White Knights."

Airs Thursdays on the CW


CBS has released photos from the next episode of "Supergirl," titled "Truth, Justice and the American Way." The episode will be directed by Lexi Alexander.


Latino Review has heard a rumor from an unnamed source that reveals one potential death in the sequel.

Opens on November 3, 2017


AMC has released a few pics from "Walking Dead's" return episode...

...and released the first four minutes of the episode.

"Hand over your weapons." 😱 Watch the first 4 minutes of #TWD's mid-season premiere NOW! https://t.co/CDdICyMdiD

- The Walking Dead AMC (@WalkingDead_AMC) February 10, 2016

Airs Sundays on AMC

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