COMIC REEL: "Daredevil" Takes On Punisher In Scene Description; Possible "Green Lantern" Leads Emege


A CCXP 2015 attendee has posted a description of "Daredevil" season two footage screened during a special Netflix panel.

Tumblr username cherryvane describes the scene, which starts out with Daredevil searching a meat locker filled with meat and dead bodies hanging from hooks. He finds the one barely alive person, takes him off the hook and learns that all this was done by "just a guy."

The scene shifts. It's night time and someone is on the top of a building aiming a sniper riffle at a person on a taxi. I'm not sure if the person being aimed was a man or a woman, though it looked like a woman.

The man behind the gun is no one else but the Frank Castle. While Frank is readying his riffle for the perfect shot, unaware of his surroundings, DD appears.

Running on the rooftop, he jumps and kicks the gun, amazingly diving over Frank to stop him. They soon engage on a fight, but when it was getting interesting and intense as fuck the scene was cut with the Daredevil logo and "2016 - NETFLIX".

Returns to Netflix in 2016


During her panel appearance at Comic Con Experience 2015 in Brazil, Evangeline Lilly once again took the opportunity to talk about her dream-casting for Janet Van Dyne.

"I do not know anything about 'Ant-Man and Wasp,'" said Lilly, as translated from Omelete's original report by ComicBookMovie. "Marvel didn't tell me anything, but wouldn't it be cool if Hope was behind her mother and if she was played by Michelle Pfeiffer?" This isn't the first time Lilly has brought up Pfeiffer's name; she did so back in July as well.

While speaking with CBR, "Ant-Man" director Peyton Reed hinted at the possibility of seeing Giant-Man in the sequel.

"[T]here's a lot of rich stuff. Not only with the different sort of super heroic identities that he had in the comics, but just his psychology," Reed told CBR. "I mean, we do set up in the movie that when Scott says to him, 'Why don't you just put on the suit?' He's like, 'I can't. I did it for a long time, and it took a toll on me.' It's like, 'Well, what does that mean, exactly?' I think there are a lot of things that we're going to explore in the next one that will explain a lot of that stuff."

Opens July 6, 2018


While at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest, "Arrow" lead Stephen Amell talked about the possibility of seeing other, A-list DC character on the CW show.

"Well, I mean, the short answer is yes, of course," said Amell, as quoted by ComicBook.com. "Within the DC Universe, if they are in the DC Universe. If you were to ask if Iron Man could come to 'Arrow,' I would be like, 'Well, no, probably not.' But of course, the Joker could come to 'Arrow,' Batman could come to 'Arrow,' Superman could show up on 'The Flash.' There's a whole myriad of options because again DC and WB have a slate of films coming up, and those films happen, and maybe 'Arrow's' still around when they're done. Or maybe there's a change and people are just like, 'You know what, let's invest in something that's doing well for us.' So you never know."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


When interviewed by Super Interessante, director Anthony Russo discussed the"Avengers: Infinity War" films. Namely, whether the characters starring in Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and Netflix series would have a role in the cosmic adventure. The interview is presented in Portuguese, so the translation may lose some nuance in Russo's answers.

Asked if any characters from Marvel's TV shows -- Jessica Jones was specifically named -- would be seen battling Thanos in the upcoming 2-film storyline, Russo answered, "It's complicated. When we start to serialize the telling of stories it's difficult. You have to have a lot of control and focus on the course of history. The films are controlled by a group led by Kevin Feige, so they function as a unit.

"Other products, even if they are from Marvel, are controlled by others," Russo continued, expanding his answer to touch on the deals Fox has, granting it control of Marvel's Fantastic Four and X-Men characters. "Then there is the possibility of a crossover, but it's more complicated. It is a smaller scale version of the problem that exists when remembering that Fox holds the rights to some of Marvel's most popular characters, as does Sony and others. As storytellers, we only have control over what happens in Marvel movies, but everything is possible, Spider-Man (whose rights were held by Sony) became possible!"

Part 1 opens May 4, 2018; Part 2 opens May 3, 2019


New, potentially spoilery comments from"BvS" costume designer Michael Wilkinson given during Brazil's CCXP 2015 shed light on the Batman unmasking scene that was released last week. ComicBookMovie.com has a translation of coverage from Omelete, which includes Wilkinson's comments about the scene.

"It is a different look," said Wilkinson of Batman's more mercenary style Batsuit. "[Director] Zack [Snyder] had a great idea of this sort of nightmare-ish vision, almost a vision of the future, a post-apocalyptic vision. It's like a dream that Ben [Affleck] has, so we wanted to, it has almost a 'Mad Max' quality to it where it's like the end of the world, trying to survive and then of course Superman and his minions come, so it's sort of a way of representing the amazing amounts of, the sort of obsessive quality that Bruce Wayne has about the threat of Superman. In this film, Superman, of course he's normally seen as a figure of hope, a positive thing, but in this film, his motivations, the consequences of his actions are really being questioned by the world. Is he a savior? Or is he a dangerous alien with unknown intentions? And this becomes an obsession for Bruce Wayne. And he really wants to sort it out. So, it's manifested in this sort of incredible dream that Zack decided to create."

Wilkinson also elaborated on the Flash's involvement in the film, echoing earlier rumors about Ezra Miller's speedster hero.

"Well, I'm not really at the liberty to talk about the Flash right now, but it's something that you'll be seeing in the future in our films," said Wilkinson. "You do get a glimpse of him, of course, in 'Batman v Superman.' But I'm really looking forward to taking the amazing, iconic costume for the Flash and interpreting it in a fresh way where Ezra Miller is playing the Flash. He's an extraordinary performer, he has a sort of interesting sense of humor and the youth that will be great for Barry Allen and I think he's going to make a great Flash."

Opens March 25, 2016


During an appearance at CCXP in Brazil, "Civil War" director Anthony Russo spoke to Super Interessante about Spider-Man, specifically his costume. Keep in mind that Russo's answer has been translated into Portuguese and then back into English, so some details could be off.

"Tom Holland is an amazing Spider, people will love it. It was a very experimental process, placing it with other actors, especially with Downey Jr., we were learning as we did and are very happy with the result. But we are still working on some things, like the uniform. He's not ready because so much will be produced with special effects," said Russo. When asked if the film would feature Spider-Man's red and gold suit from the "Civil War" series, Russo's translated answer reads: "The film will show a mix of what everyone is waiting and a little twist. So yeah, that's what I can tell."

Opens May 6, 2016


Italian website CineFilos has a report from Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento, which reportedly included a sneak peek at concept art from DC/WB's expanding superhero universe. The report, which comes from unrevealed concept art and is translated via Google from Italian, reads:

Now suspects that Hal Jordan and John Stewart can be deployed together in the film DC / Warner become more concrete following the panel Warner during the Professional Days of Cinema of Sorrento . The event was shown a featurette of the universe DC in progress to the movies and among other things we have seen a concept of the Green Lantern Corps in which stood out clearly the two characters. That may be the final clue?

Opens June 19 2020


A number of trailers will arrive online before the end of 2015, so here's a list to keep an eye out for: "Independence Day 2" trailer #1, "Ice Age 5" trailer #1, "TMNT 2" trailer #1, "The Jungle Book" trailer #2, "The Legend Of Tarzan" trailer #1, "The Secret Life Of Pets" trailer #3, "X-Men: Apocalypse" trailer #1 and "Deadpool" trailer #2.

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