COMIC REEL: Cumberbatch Says "Doctor Strange" Not A Risk; Is "Amazing Spider-Man 3" Back On?


The Wall Street Journal has an interview with "Strange" leading man Benedict Cumberbatch where he opened up about his newly revealed -- and potentially risky -- role.

"I don't think it's a risk because of Marvel," said Cumdberbatch. "Marvel is a stable of bringing out ordinary comic characters and turning them into screen-like gods. It's very different, it's an Astral Plane. There's a huge new element to this Marvel universe that's going to be employed in building this story and this character. But you know, I'm really excited about it, about working with Scott [Derrickson] whose imagination is endless, and all the boys and girls at Marvel who know what they're doing. I've got a few things to get under my belt first. I've got to do that little stage production of 'Hamlet' in the summer and the Christmas special of 'Sherlock,' which we start shooting in about three days' time -- Whoops! Yeah, that's there."

Opens November 4, 2016


Ahead of "Agents Carter's" Tuesday night premiere, lead actress Hayley Atwell spoke to CBR about the character's mindset at the start of the new Marvel series.

"She's absolutely one hundred percent grieving Steve Rogers' death," said Atwell. "It's only been a year, and she's found herself back in the U.S. after having fought in the war. She is now answering telephones, making lunch, and filing reports -- and she is really pissed about that. And there's nothing that she can do about it because if she fights that -- if she kind of fights her corner too aggressively -- she could lose a job. So she's having to navigate herself in a male-dominated world and find her place in it. She's trying to get back to where she was with the level of respect that Cap gave her. But, Peggy's one of these people who gets the job done. She is a fighter, and she is a survivor."

Atwell also opened up about her relationship with Jarvis (James D'Arcy) to IGN. "I think it's kind of... they're forced together. He's been told that he has to work with her and be available to her. But I think, from her point of view, she doesn't need any help. But she needs someone who is in contact with Howard to help kind of run this mission. So they have this very witty banter back and forth where she's constantly having to go, 'Look, dude, I don't need your help! I am fine.' But it's a lovely dynamic between them because they're both British. They both have that wit and that satire. Their language is a game of chess back and forth. It's a great game that they play and I think they get tremendous enjoyment out of it. And their relationship grows over the season. They become very close. They also provide the comic relief of the season. You see the serious aspects of what they have to do but then you have these great moments of comedy between them. He becomes like her comic sidekick."

Disney has also released a few new promotional stills for the series.

Premieres January 6 on ABC


You can take this bit of news with a grain of salt, but Comic Book Movie has noticed that the Bill Beckman casting site has posted a listing seeking actors for "The Amazing Spider-Man 3," which it states will start shooting in Atlanta. ComicBook.com did some snooping around the casting site and called some of its other listings into question, thus throwing doubt on this sudden return of "Amazing Spider-Man 3."

The recent Sony hack revealed a lot about Sony's Spider-franchise, namely that it's in a big state of flux following "Amazing Spider-Man 2's" disappointing performance. The return of "Amazing Spider-Man 3" would be a surprise considering what has been recently revealed. The leaked emails from Sony higher-ups indicated that he studio was willing to do pretty much anything to salvage the franchise, from scrapping Andrew Garfield to teaming up with Marvel Studios. None of those plans seemed to involve another "Amazing" film.


After releasing an "ant-sized" look at the upcoming "Ant-Man" teaser, Marvel has released a "human-sized" version of the clip. The full trailer will debut during Tuesday's "Agent Carter" premiere on ABC.

Opens July 17


"Arrow" lead Stephen Amell has one New Year's resolution that he wants to see happen: he wants to appear on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Amell revealed this goal to his fans via Facebook, saying, "There are actually a number of different shows that I'd like to do, but Seth stands out because, A. Saturday Night Live is my favorite thing and he was a cast member / the head writer, B. I've been listening to him on Bill Simmons podcast for several years and C. He and I had an incredibly awkward exchange before the Golden Globes started in 2013 that would be worth retelling on the air. Ok? Ok." Okay!

Returns January 21 on the CW


After spending the first half of the TV season populating it's YouTube account with clips and featurettes, Fox's "Gotham" has started letting other sites host their videos. Entertainment Weekly has a clip from tonight's midseason premiere, which introduces Morena Baccarin's Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and The Hollywood Reporter has a featurette focusing on Arkham Asylum.

Baccarin also spoke to IGN about her upcoming "Gotham" role. "It's a little comic book-y, for sure," Baccarin said about the inside of the iconic Arkham Asylum. "It's stylized, in the way that a lot of things are in the Gotham world. It's an insane asylum, so it's dark. It's very shadowed and creepy. I really loved the episode. It's a great introduction to my character, who's working in this crazy crazy place that's, of course, touched by Gotham's rampant corruption. There's a very big and dark underworld at play."

Airs Mondays on Fox


AMC has been airing a new promo for "Walking Dead's" return that focuses on the show's complex and compelling characters. You can check out the emotional clip below.

Returns February 8 on AMC

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