COMIC REEL: "Civil War's" Stan Reveals What's In Bucky's Backpack; Marvel Producer Talks TV/Film Crossovers


As spotted by CBM, Sebastian Stan replied to a fan's question on Instagram asking the actor what Bucky keeps in his backpack. Stan replied, writing:

Dead Cole, in his backpack there are a dozen notebooks that compose the scattered memories dating back to as far as he can remember which somewhat piece together a scattered life. In a similar way to Alzheimer's, he's written things down, for fear of losing his memory again. He was prepared, were something to happen, to walk away with nothing but that backpack, which is why it's the only thing he takes and knowing full well that not everything those pages contain is pretty. I hope everything is well with you too!

Almost a dozen new character promotional images for "Civil War" have emerged online.


ABC has released a synopsis and photos for the March 29 episode of the series, titled "Watchdogs."

"When a radical group called The Watchdogs emerges with plans to eliminate the Inhumans, Agent Mack and his brother become caught in the crossfire. Meanwhile, Simmons discovers a powerful chemical compound that could alter the future for Inhumans."


While speaking with Insing Movies, Henry Cavill spoke to the inspiration for his take on Clark Kent.

"It's more the Clark Kent from the comic books as opposed to the Richard Donner/Christopher Reeve version of Clark Kent. While that character is very much beloved, I feel this Clark is more in line with that -- who's a journalist, a reporter. There's less of that light touch; less of that comedic touch to his performance."

Opens March 25, 2016


Jon Bernthal has revealed a new look at the Punisher via his Twitter page.


- Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal) March 14, 2016

Netflix has also released the final trailer for the series' second season.

Returns to Netflix on March 18


AMC has released another trailer for the second season of "Fear the Walking Dead."

Returns April 10 on AMC


Zack Stentz, who is known for his work on "Thor," "X-Men: First Class," and the new "Power Rangers" film, is writing an upcoming episode of "The Flash." Stentz has been working alongside Kevin Smith's, who is directing episode 21 of "The Flash." No plot details have been released yet about their episode.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, thank you @GBerlanti @AJKreisberg @SarahSoWitty for the invite to do this!!! pic.twitter.com/tCwp9wJFNT

- Zack Stentz (@MuseZack) March 15, 2016

Airs Tuesdays on the CW


You can read a recap of last night's "Gotham" episode right here. There's also a promo for the next episode of "Gotham," which is titled "Mad Grey Dawn."

Fox has also released pics from the March 28 episode, "Prisoners."


Fox has aired a promo for the ninth episode of "Lucifer," which is titled "A Priest Walks Into A Bar."

Airs Mondays on Fox


While speaking with IGN, "Civil War" producer Nate Moore spoke about Marvel's TV shows and films and how their scheduling poses a problem when it comes to crossovers.

"I think it's possible for sure," said Moore. "It's interesting that the TV timeline and the film timeline moves so differently because they tell stories so quickly because they have 10 to 22 episodes... Sometimes it's just hard for those things to line up perfectly, but we love that idea of ultimately, say, a Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Punisher, Agents of SHIELD... Maybe there's a way to get 'em back in there as long as it makes sense for our storytelling and doesn't prohibit them from telling a story."


At SXSW, Cinemax announced that "Outcast" will premiere June 3 on the premium cable channel -- in addition to revealing their renewal of the series for a second season ahead of its debut.

Premieres June 3 on Cinemax


At today's SXSW screening of the "Preacher" pilot -- where it was also revealed that the series will premiere after "Fear the Walking Dead's" mid-season finale -- the audience was treated to a surprise scene that featured A-list actor Tom Cruise in a cameo role. In the premiere (via Entertainment Weekly), an unknown force from outer space possess preachers around the world, and eventually makes them blow up, inside out. One of those preachers is Tom Cruise, who appears on a TV screen speaking on behalf of the Church of Scientology in front of a crowd. Then, Cruise explodes, in a gratuitously violent fashion.

Premieres Sunday, May 22 on AMC


A new banner, possibly fanmade, has appeared on Imgur.


There's a recap of last night's "Supergirl," an episode titled "Falling," right here on CBR.

Airs Mondays on CBS


A new commercial for Kia's KX5 features the super fast X-Man Quicksilver (Evan Peters) in it.

Opens May 27, 2016

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