COMIC REEL: "Civil War" Hi-Res Images Released; Zack Snyder Touts Ben Affleck's Bat-Height


MovieWeb has corralled together a bunch of hi-res "Civil War" shots, which have popped up in an number of places, including "Empire" magazine.


A new clip from tonight's season two finale, titled "Hollywood Ending," has been released by ABC.

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"S.H.I.E.L.D." showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen confirmed to Nerdist that Ward has been transformed into the "Secret Warriors" villain Hive following the events of the midseason finale.

"As we saw in the midseason finale episode, Ward is back on Earth, but he's definitely not the same Ward who went through the portal to the alien world," revealed showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen in a statement. In the episode "Maveth," Coulson shot Ward dead on an alien planet, but Ward's corpse was possessed by the malicious entity that haunted the remote location. They added that their take on Hive "is going to have its own unique twist and be very different from what fans have seen so far. We will see similarities that pay homage to the original character, but fans will see that Hive is taking an exciting new direction in the world of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'"

The announcement also came along with a new photo of the newly possessed Ward.


Bloomberg has a profile of Zack Snyder, focusing on his early life and giving an overview of his career. Snyder also praised Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman, saying he is a "pretty good" version of the icon.

"Not to be drinking my own Kool-Aid, but I think Ben is a pretty good Batman," said Snyder. "I never liked a small Batman. Ben's all of 6-foot-4, and in the boots, he's like 6-foot-6." Bloomberg goes on to state that Affleck's version of Bruce Wayne is "a stylish guy in his 40s who lives in a Mies van der Rohe house, has a Mapplethorpe in his bedroom, and drives a green 1957 Aston Martin." That car, it notes, is actually Snyder's.

While walking the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday night, MTV asked Henry Cavill if Batman has any chance of winning against Superman.

"[Superman] loves humanity, he loves human beings, and he doesn't want to hurt them," said Cavill." And so, Batman has an immediate advantage with that, and you'll see if he uses it."

Opens March 25, 2016


Consequence of Sound has noticed that Junkie XL's score for "Deadpool" is currently streaming on Soundcloud. An embed player of the OST can be found at COS.

During an interview with Collider, director Tim Miller denied staging the finale battle on a Marvel Helicarrier. "I just want to say for the record, there's a lot of groups in the Marvel Universe who use flying combat platforms," he said. "It's not just a helicarrier. AIM has some. There's a lot of groups that do... It could have been anything but a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, because that would be outside the purview of the Fox/Marvel arrangement," he explained. "I really just wanted to hint at a larger connection to the Marvel Universe."

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You can read a recap of last night's 2016 return "Gotham" episode right here. Fox has also aired a promo for next week's episode, titled "A Dead Man Feels No Cold."

In an interview with USA Today, "Gotham's" David Mazouz discussed the changes that are ahead for Bruce Wayne in the back half of the show's second season.

"You'll see the origins of these morals and this is going to be Bruce's code," said Mazouz. "A hero does what's right and this is the list of things that Bruce stands by and he will do anything to uphold that, whether they're right or wrong. Bruce will stop at nothing. Batman/Bruce's determination is off the charts. Every episode he evolves 1000% and that will progress throughout the series."

In an interview with CBR, B.D. Wong teased Hugo Strange's possible involvement in Theo Galavan's transformation into Azrael.

"If that is the case, they should be wondering what the reality of that is," said Wong when told the theory. "What the hell could that be? How could Theo Galavan be Azrael? They should be questioning the realness of that. In other words, is that a dream or something real? They should be questioning that. That should be the most potent thing that their mind is processing. 'How the hell could Theo Galavan be Azrael?'"

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While on the red carpet at the Oscars, Henry Cavill revealed that he has read the script for "Justice League."

"I have!" he told MTV News when asked if he had read the script yet, then added, "I can tell you nothing." However, he did share his excitement about the film and what it may mean for the DC Cinematic Universe at large. "We're talking about 'Justice League' here, so this is the DC Cinematic Universe is finally getting its chance to really grow in this one, and I think all the characters are fantastic. I'm looking forward to being a part of that whole gig."

Opens November 17, 2017


Fox has aired a promo for next week's "Lucifer," which is titled "Wingman."

Airs Mondays on Fox


There's a recap of last night's "Supergirl," an episode titled "Solitude," right here. The "Supergirl" YouTube page has also posted four clips from last night's episode.

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It's no secret that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will soon debut on "The Walking Dead." However, it hasn't been entirely clear when he will step onto the screen; his presence has certainly been felt on the show, but he hasn't appeared yet himself. According to executive producer Scott M. Gimple, fans might not have to wait too much longer.

"There have been articles pinpointing exactly when Negan shows up, and that's a bit disappointing, because they may not be entirely true," he told TheWrap. "There's kind of a build up. But you might even see him next episode. Absolutely. Well, sort of. Well, definitely. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But possibly."

Producer David Alpert also hyped up the arrival of Negan in an interview with IGN. Alpert explained the "barbaric logic" behind Negan's actions, what separates him from the show's other villains and more.

"Negan is one of the greatest villains ever created in TV," Alpert shared. "It's the greatest comic book villain I've ever read. He's amazing, he's terrifying, he's funny, he's charming, and the reason why I think he's so terrifying is he makes a certain amount of sense. Even though he does horrible, horrible horrific things, there's a certain logic -- a barbaric logic, but a logic -- to it. I think it's not just the horrible things he does, it's the appeal of that logic. It takes a little while to wrap your head around it."

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Liev Schreiber, who played Sabretooth in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," revealed that he has spoken with Hugh Jackman about returning to the role. Referring to his previous conversations with Jackman, Schreiber told MTV News, "We talked about it... I don't know. He's mentioned it to me. The 'Old Man Logan' story -- that's appealing. That's something that I can do. Old, being the operative word."

Opens March 3, 2017


MTV caught up with Olivia Munn at the Oscars and asked her when she thinks we'll see Psylocke again. She said she really doesn't know, and stated that it was important to her that "Psylocke got to show off how strong and lethal she is with the fight scenes" in "X-Men: Apocalypse."

.@OliviaMunn can't wait for the world to see her as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse. https://t.co/IZhROjfW83

- MTV News (@MTVNews) February 29, 2016

Opens May 27, 2016

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