COMIC REEL: "Civil War" Concept Art Reveals Masked Zemo; Shipp Wants To See Storm/Black Panther Movie


The fan-run MCU Facebook page has posted a picture of Andy Park's initial -- an unused -- concept art for the villain Baron Zemo. The design is much closer to the comics and features the character's purple mask.


The CW has released photos from the upcoming "Arrow" episode "Into the Flood."


THR has revealed that actress Lupita Nyong'o is in talks to join "Black Panther" in the role of T'Challa's love interest.

Opens February 16, 2018


A clip has been released from "Fear's" upcoming "Sicut Cervus" episode.

Returns April 10 on AMC


Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg spoke to Nerdist about the expanded role "Jones'" supporting cast will take in season two.

"That's the trick of a show that's called 'Jessica Jones.' If she's not in the scene, it's not a guarantee that scene will end up in the final picture," Rosenberg explained. "You have to earn secondary character stories. You have to flesh them out enough so that they can eventually carry stories of their own, which is very much what season one was about... I'm hopeful that I can at least give her a day off in the six-month period. This is a very, very hardworking woman. I think it's important that there be some balance."

Now streaming on Netflix


You can read a recap of last night's "Legends" right here on CBR. There's also a promo for next week's installment, which you can watch below.

The CW has also released an inside look at last night's episode, "Destiny."

Airs Thursdays on the CW


Add another comic book-based series to The CW's lineup: Archie Comics-based drama "Riverdale" has landed on the network's 2016-2017 schedule with a series order, as reported Thursday by multiple sources including Deadline.


"Supergirl" has been renewed for a second season. As reported by Variety, the show will move from CBS to the CW, a move that helped facilitate the show's return.

Returns this fall on the CW


A new international TV spot for "X-Men: Apocalypse" has appeared and it includes just a little bit more of the Beast.

In an interview on "The Lowdown with Diana Madison," Storm actress Alexandra Shipp revealed that she wants to see a Black Panther and Storm meet-up on film.

"I want that movie so bad," said Shipp. "I've got a pitch. I'm like, coming up with a vision board -- I want this movie to happen. Honestly, it doesn't have to be me -- if [Black Panther actor] Chadwick [Boseman] was like, 'You know what -- I really want to do this with Halle [Berry],' I'd be like, 'Yo, that's fine. At least make the movie.'"

This meet-up is of course made difficult because Storm and Black Panther's film rights are owned by two separate movie studios (20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios, respectively).

Director Bryan Singer revealed to HeyUGuys that the Wolverine seen in "Apocalypse" is more in-line with the Weapon X version of the character. "What's really nice about his cameo is that he's the Wolverine you've never seen before. He's truly Weapon X. Not just the guy coming out of the tank, but the weapon."

Opens May 27, 2016

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