COMIC REEL: Cavill Says "Batman V Superman" Will Be One Film; "Flash's" Firestorm Suit Revealed


Just a few days after Ain't It Cool News broke the story that "Batman V Superman" might be broken into two parts (subtitles: "Enter the Knight" and "Dawn of Justice"), Henry Cavill has debunked the rumor in a Variety interview. The actor said that that rumor was false and that "Batman V Superman" is still scheduled to be released as one film. Cavill remained mum about other "BVS" details; he said that Affleck makes a "great" Batman, that he wasn't hurt doing any fight scenes because he's "the Man of Steel," and dodged a question about "BVS" being more epic than "Avengers: Age of Ultron" by answering, "You'll see."

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Entertainment Weekly posted a few more pictures from "Ant-Man" last Friday. The trio of images show Paul Rudd's Scott Lang hard at work in both his civilian and superhero lives.

Corey Stoll opened up to EW about his own super suit, which he dons to play Darren "Yellowjacket" Cross. "Now, I've discovered my own version of that [Ant-Man] technology and I'm using it for militaristic purposes," said Stoll. "I've even started to use the technology myself, which as a sort of psychotic effect on people if they use it too much. I can't get into the details of all the goodies of the Yellowjacket suit but it's several generations advanced from what Ant-Man has. And then I put it on --and then I am Yellowjacket!"

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The cast and executive producers of "Arrow" and "Flash" gathered on Sunday to participate in the CW's "The Heroes and Villains of 'Arrow' and 'The Flash'" panel during the annual Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. One of the topics touched upon during the panel was the possibility of a spinoff starring Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer -- the character soon to be known as the Atom.

"We're in very early talks on a very general idea that we haven't dug any deeper on yet, and aren't allowed to say anything yet," said EP Greg Berlanti.

"Right now we're just trying to get the suit finished," added fellow executive producer Marc Guggenheim.

Berlanti elaborated in an interview with Nerdist, saying, "Ray really brings that and brings that energy and he's so much fun to write. He's a joy to write. Brandon's so terrific and embodies the role so well that when we talk about how to further expand things, he's a natural person to talk about."

While there are no direct quotes from CW president Mark Pedowitz on the matter, ComicBookMovie is reporting that a crossover event between "Arrow" and "The Flash" could become an annual occurrence similar to "Doctor Who's" Christmas specials.

The CW has also released photos from the event

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Anthony Mackie talked to a Chicago radio show a little bit about his upcoming return as the Falcon and revealed a number of locations where the "Captain America" sequel will be filming. "Civil War" will shoot for five months in Berlin, Puerto Rico and Atlanta. "We start shooting in April, so it's going to a lot of flying and fighting for about five months," said Mackie.

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Tom Cavanagh opened up during the "Flash's" panel during a panel at the Television Critics Association's winter TV previews about the show's big midseason finale, confirming that he is the villain known as the Reverse Flash.

"I've tried to deflect and parry as best I could -- yeah, sure. He's the man in the yellow suit," Cavanagh said of his character, Harrison Wells. "I think the short answer to your question is, 'Yes, I am Reverse-Flash.'" But as definitive as that statement was, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg immediately hinted that the villain's true identity may be a bit more complex.

"We're going to see what happened [the night of Barry's mother's murder] from the Reverse Flash's point of view," said Kreisberg, as quoted in Entertainment Weekly. "I didn't say it was from Wells' point of view, I said it was from the Reverse Flash's point of view."

"There is just one Reverse Flash," said Cavanagh, adding another layer of mystery. "When we get into that moment and really start parsing through details of what that moment is, it's going to be very gratifying to the audience. It's got deeper levels. There's so much more to it." There'll be plenty of time to unravel that mystery now that "Flash" has been picked up for a second season.

Robbie Amell's Firestorm costume made its debut during the CW's TCA event. You can see it both in the tweet and image from the panel below. The panel's triptych also includes a shot of Victor Garber, who will be playing the other half of the superhero.

.@RobbieAmell's Firestorm's costume on display at CW's #TCA15 day. #TheFlash pic.twitter.com/IGzPeAIIlL

- Eric Goldman (@EricIGN) January 11, 2015

"Skins" and "American Horror Story" actress Britne Oldford will join the "Flash's" cast in an unspecified guest starring role. ComicBook.com has a hunch she's playing Peek-A-Boo based on her debut episode's synopsis, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Clay Parker, an inmate at Iron Heights Prison, is currently locked up for stealing money and working with a big-time crime lord in Central City. When Clay's girlfriend breaks him out of prison, Clay exploits her feelings for him and convinces her to utilize her meta-human powers for one last heist before they leave the city for good.

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Vixen Varsity visited "Gotham's" set and snapped a few pictures of Haly's Circus, which will play a role in the sixteenth episode of the series, which is titled "The Blind Fortune Teller."

Morena Baccarin, who plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins, posted a picture of herself and costar Ben McKenzie on the Haly's Circus set to her WhoSay page.

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The CW has finally announced the premiere date for "iZombie," the TV series based on Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's Vertigo comic series. The show will debut on Tuesday, March 17. To get fans excited for the new show, the CW has also released a trailer.

The CW also released stills for the series' pilot episode, which feature series stars Rose McIver, David Anders, Malcolm Goodwin and Rahul Kohli.

The cast also appeared at the CW's TCA event, which you can see pictures of below.

For more on the series, you can check out CBR's interview with lead actress Rose McIver.

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Ever since CBS announced they were developing a "Supergirl" pilot from "Arrow" executive producer Greg Berlanti, fans have been clamoring to find out if the series would exist in the same universe. Berlanti downplayed -- but did not deny -- the potential for a crossover in an interview with IGN.

"So much has to go right for us to be able to make a great show," said Berlanti. "Again, I think of myself as like if I were watching them, I would want to see that. But we have to get so many things right to make a good show and so much of it is luck, unfortunately.


The CW's "Arrow"-verse is expanding into animation with the announcement of "Vixen," a new cartoon series starring the DC Comics superhero. The series will air via the CW Seed, the network's platform for original digital content. KSiteTV broke the early details, included the news that "Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim will be overseeing the project. To reinforce the new show's ties to the two live-action superhero series, the CW unveiled new art during the TCAs that featured both Arrow and the Flash.

For more on the newly-announced spinoff, you can check out CBR's interview with Marc Guggenheim.


The AMC has released a new trailer for "The Walking Dead" that features the cast joined together and shooting at unseen enemies.

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Movie rumor site Latino Review claims to know which actors Fox is looking at to play the parts of young Cyclops, Storm and Jean Grey. Cyclops may go to either "Kingsman: The Secret Service" star Taron Edgerton, "If I Stay" actor Jamie Blackley or Tye Sheridan. Sophie Turner ("Game of Thrones") and Saoirse Ronan ("Hanna") are rumored to be the frontrunners for Jean Grey. Storm may go to either Lifetime's "Aaliyah" star Alexandra Shipp or Zendaya Coleman.

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