COMIC REEL: Cavill on Affleck in "Batman/Superman"; Behind the Scenes in "The Walking Dead"


"The Walking Dead's" midseason finale aired last night, and showrunner Scott Gimple spoke with The Hollywood Reporter in advance of the episode to tease things to come for the series.

"We've seen The Governor kill people to ensure the safety of his new family and we see him determined," Gimple told THR. "We see Rick is very much back as someone with a gun on his hip, ready to participate in the brutality of the world to keep his people safe. It's a very explosive situation and it's entirely possible that everybody doesn't make it back. That sort of thing would be something that would affect these characters even more deeply."

Meanwhile, here are some spoiler-filled clips on the making of the episode. Watch at your own peril!

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Total Film spoke with "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill about his co-star for "Batman/Superman," Ben Affleck.

"I'm sure he'll be fantastic above all else," Cavill told Total Film. "As a filmmaker, he's got his own style, he's not copying anyone else. He's also been tenacious in his career. He's had ups followed by downs and now he's very up again. I think that requires and shows a very special strength of character."

Meanwhile, ComingSoon.net has posted a photo gallery of the "Man of Steel" Kent Farm getting reconstructed for "Batman/Superman."

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UnleashTheFanboy spoke with Marc Silvestri about the current status of Top Cow projects in the process of being adapted for TV and film. According to Silvestri, Len Weisman's "The Darkness" movie will now also feature Witchblade.

"As we were going along, it just made more and more sense storywise to have Witchblade in there," Silvestri told UnleashThe Fanboy. "I'm not going to spoil too much more, but it makes perfect sense. First we were kind of worried, how do you, two origins, but it started to come together. It started to make more and more sense. We're excited about that, that's a big project that we're working on right now."

Silvestri also noted that Top Cow's recent series "Think Tank" is also currently under development as a feature film, though he gave no further updates on the project.


MTV spoke with J.J. Abrams about "Star Trek Into Darkness" and the promotional effort leading up to the film's release that caused both cast and crew to continually deny that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Khan.

"The truth is because it was so important to the studio that we not angle this thing for existing fans. If we said it was Khan, it would feel like you've really got to know what 'Star Trek' is about to see this movie," Abrams told MTV. "That would have been limiting. I can understand their argument to try to keep that quiet, but I do wonder if it would have seemed a little bit less like an attempt at deception if we had just come out with it."

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Sony Pictures UK has posted a new look at Spider-Man's costume in anticipation of the full trailer premiere later this week.

What's next for Spidey...? Find out in only 4 days! #AmazingSpiderMan 2 pic.twitter.com/oWWpeBGM9L

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According to a recent New York Times interview with Harvey Weinstein about The Weinstein Company branching out into the television, the producer called out "Sin City" as one of the properties that may get adapted for the small screen.

Mr. Weinstein said he was also hoping to quickly follow the August release of the film "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with a "Sin City" television series from Mr. Miller and Mr. Rodriguez.

Certainly an intriguing tidbit, should it come to fruition.

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Entertainment Tonight spoke with "Arrow's" Emily Bett Rickards about the recent Felicity-focused episode that featured the return of Count Vertigo, as well as some tidbits about this week's episode that features Grant Gustin's first appearance as Barry Allen.

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In an interview with The Backlot, Alan Ritchson discussed his role as Raphael in the upcoming "Ninja Turtles" reboot and how he chose to approach the character.

"I think we all know who Raphael is. He's known as the angry hothead of the group. He is quick tempered and is quick to act," Ritchson told The Backlot. "He is less thoughtful of people's feelings and emotions and consequences. That's something I can relate to as a person. I am very quick to act, like, 'okay, decision's made, let's go for it.' ... I didn't actually rely so heavily on somebody else's perspective of Raphael twenty years ago, which to be honest like many of the cartoons like, this dude is smiling a lot. You know, they all look the same and there is so a much greater level of like, individual personality in this new reboot, you know that we haven't seen before. So there wasn't a lot for me to relate to, but I don't know if people will understand where I am coming from, maybe until they see it, I don't know."

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