COMIC REEL: Bronze Tiger Returns to "Arrow"; Mark Hamill on "Star Wars" Rumors


The newest teaser for the next "Arrow" episode, "Tremors," has hit online featuring Oliver training Roy.

Yesterday, Fandango posted the assertion that "Arrow" lead Stephen Amell had been in "studio level" talks to play Oliver Queen in a "Justice League" film with quotes from the actor contained in the story. Amell took to Facebook later that day not only denying the rumor, but stating it was completely fabricated.

Unsurprisingly, the original Fandango piece has been edited to exclude the original quote and paragraph discussing Amell's possible involvement in the not-yet-even-confirmed "Justice League" film.

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During an AMA on Reddit, Mark Hamill stated there's no official confirmed plans about him returning to the Star Wars universe -- yet.

"The only character I know for sure is returning is my friend R2-D2. He hasn't stopped beeping about it," Hamill wrote on Reddit. "I'm not being coy, really. When I find something out, I'll let everybody know. But nothing has been decided yet."

Opens December 18, 2015


Total Film has posted an interview with "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh about his thoughts on "Thor: The Dark World," which was directed by Alan Taylor.

"I did [see it], I enjoyed it very much," Branagh told Total Film. "I think inevitably, one would have headed in a different direction because there are so many variants, the possibilities across the stories. I remember when we were doing the first one, just literally deciding who was going to be in it and which worlds and realms we were going to be in took a long, long time. There was much to sift from. So, it's inevitable -- the choices are almost infinite and I really like what they did. But I probably would have gone in a different direction."

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IMP Awards has posted a new banner for "300: Rise of an Empire" that plays up the naval combat aspect of the film. Check it out below.

Opens March 7


Comic Book Movie has posted a clip from the new "Robocop" remake that gives a little more insight into Alex Murphy.

Opens February 12

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