COMIC REEL: "Black Panther" Possibly Filming In Africa; "Suicide Squad" Calendar Art Revealed


In a profile and interview with The Undefeated, Marvel and "Black Panther" producer Nate Moore said that the studio is looking into filming part of the movie in Africa.

"We'll do our stage work in Atlanta," said Moore. "And we're definitely investigating shooting in Africa ... both Marvel and [director] Ryan [Coogler] feel that would be really good for the movie. We just haven't drilled down on it yet."

Opens February 16, 2018


You can read a recap of last night's midseason finale episode, "Shiva," right here on CBR.

AMC has also released a trailer for the second half of "Fear's" second season.

In a post-show interview with Deadline, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd hinted at what's to come in the rest of the season.

"I can't say. I'm sorry," said Hurd. "But I will say, the second half of the season is going to take us on many, many different journeys." She continued by comparing the show to it's predecessor: "You know, 'Walking Dead' is very much a larger-than-life show. It's inspired by these larger-than-life characters that Robert Kirkman created in the comic book, obviously with the additions and changes that we've make along the way. But it's much more, I think, operatic in that sense. I think we've always looked at 'Fear The Walking Dead' as a dysfunctional family drama set in the zombie apocalypse."

Returns April 10 on AMC


You can read a recap of the pilot episode of "Preacher" right here. AMC has also released a promo and teaser for the next episode, titled "See."

Airs Sundays on AMC


The Marvel film snagged actor Michael Keaton for a major role in the film, a role that's rumored to be the villainous vulture. "Spider-Man" director Jon Watts took to Twitter to celebrate the closing of Keaton's deal:


- Jon Watts (@jnwtts) May 20, 2016

Speculation emerged that "Daredevil" villain Kingpin might also appear in the film, which caused actor Vincent D'Onofrio to weigh in.

Sorry folks but this is news to me.

It would be great but I don't think it will happen. V. https://t.co/GrVwbUYsqX

- Vincent D'Onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) May 20, 2016

The actor later commented on the buzz, saying that while he doesn't think it will happen, he thinks it would "be great" and fans should tell Marvel what they think.

I love all this action about me doing #SpiderMan Tell Marvel!!! pic.twitter.com/1vPp3G9QqI

- Vincent D'Onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) May 21, 2016

Opens July 7, 2017


CBM has spotted a new 16-month "Suicide Squad" calendar that features some new stylized art.

Opens on August 5, 2016

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