COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" Revealed; "Big Hero 6" Trailer Debuts


Yes, the "Man of Steel" sequel finally has a name, and it's a mouthful. "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" got an official name and logo treatment following last week's release of a new image of Ben Affleck as Batman alongside the Batmobile.

Opens May 6, 2016


For those more interested in animated films based on comics, Disney teased the trailer debut of "Big Hero 6" yesterday and the full trailer has been revealed online.

Opens November 7


Simon Kinberg spoke with Variety about mixing the old "X-Men" trilogy and the "First Class" franchise, as well as the film's tone.

"There's a tone, it probably most closely resembles a 'Dark Knight' tone. It's a little more dramatic and weighted and almost operatic than any other superhero movie," Kinberg told Variety. "However, this movie has some lightness and humanity. It's a dramatic franchise that's hard to integrate into anything else. Licensing issues aside, Batman and X-Men are not going to exist together."

SciFiNow spoke with Brian Singer, who briefly discussed the online comparisons between Fox's X-Men franchise and Marvel Studios' Avengers franchise.

"It's not healthy for us," Singer told SciFiNow. "I'll tell you why: they're both comic-books and at some point you can expand the universes, that's where the comparison ends. The Marvel universes -- particularly Avengers and Iron Man -- are... and it sounds defensive, and it is defensive, but only because people make comparisons between ['X-Men: Days Of Future Past'] and 'The Avengers,' which is ludicrous. 'The Avengers' is a mash-up of massive single character franchises of incredibly familiar characters and Iron Man. And did I mention Iron Man? Oh, and by the way -- Iron Man.

"They are huge, colossal franchises that are peppered with all these other characters that are, again, extremely famous and so yes, Fox will at some point synergise [the X-Men] characters and that process is slowly beginning, but it's very different than taking movies that gross close to a billion dollars and then pushing them together into these giant broad movies. If you want to give me Robert Downey Jr. in a metal suit and have him join the X-Men, then yes, let's go head-to-head [with Marvel Studios]."

Opens Friday


Promotion continues for "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For," with five new posters featuring Jessica Alba as Nancy and others that give new looks at Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis.

Opens August 22


Have you been wondering how Godzilla's roar was engineered? Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have released a featurette on how the sound team recreated and reimagined the iconic sound effect.

Now in theaters

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