COMIC REEL: "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Casts Quicksilver; Fandral Features in "Thor 2" Clip


Zachary Levi appeared on VH1's "The Morning Buzz" and brought a clip of his performance as Fandral in "Thor: The Dark World," defending Asgard and kicking ass. Check it out below.

Director Alan Taylor spoke with Screenrant about whether he might be willing to return to direct another Marvel film.

"One of the things that's exciting and keeps us on the edge of our seats about Marvel is that they never announce what they're going to do until the last minute," Taylor told Screenrant. "Will there be a 'Thor 3?' I certainly hope so. They'll probably wait until this one comes out before they let the world know. Thor will be back in 'Avengers 2,' and I think he certainly deserves a 'Thor 3,' but that's up to the gods are Marvel to decide. My experience with Marvel is that they are literally making it up as they go. They have a grand vision that we've been witnessing in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III, but literally, in the details, they make it up as they go - and I saw that up-close and personal when we were doing ['Thor 2'], when major elements were being worked out, really, in the making of the movie."

IGN spoke with Chris Hemsworth, Kevin Feige and Alan Taylor about the future of the character and the franchise.

Opens November 8


Kevin Feige spoke with The Huffington Post about "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"I wouldn't say we're intentionally trying to be 'wacky,'" Feige told The Huffington Post of the film, "but we had an amazing group of characters and interesting storyline with a great "in" with a human -- a relatable character -- with Peter Quill. And we weren't going to let the fact that there [were] some unusual elements hold us back. And, instead, as we've always done, we want to forge those and embrace them."

Opens August 1, 2014


CBR's own Kiel Phegley spoke with Emily Bett Rickards about her role as Felicity Smoak in "Arrow" and what her character brings to the table.

"Felicity is really focused, and I think that focus can be overpowering," Rickards told CBR. "The whole bubbly/awkward thing is a product of the focus. I don't think they're parts on their own. She's so dialed into what she's doing that when she has to speak, she's not thinking clearly about what's coming out. Like when she says, 'It feels good having you inside me,' she realizes immediately what she just did and gets back to the task at hand. I really don't filter what I say. I don't like the term 'no filter,' but I sometimes speak without thinking. My grandma always used to say that to me as a kid. 'Think before you speak!' I have a lot of friends I hang out with as a big group, and that's become one big joke. I relate to Felicity in that."

Meanwhile, the League of Assassins is getting their due in next week's episode, and here's a new promo for a quick peek at what to expect.

Summer Glau spoke with Entertainment Tonight about coming onboard the show this season as Isabel Rochev, and what to expect from the character.

"I think the writers are inspired by the comics but I love how they've adapted the show for TV; I think they're very fluid and flexible about how they tell the story and intertwine the characters," Glau told ET. "As much as I beg them to tell me what's coming up, they're so good at keeping everything under wraps. But I think it'll be a mixture of both."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


After months of rumors, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is officially cast in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" as Quicksilver. The deal reportedly closed on Wednesday, but there are no signs of a done deal for the Scarlet Witch -- though Samuel L. Jackson heavily implied that Elizabeth Olsen had been cast in the role.

Opens May 1, 2015


Comic Book Movie has posted new photos of next week's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." episode, "FZZT." It looks like the entire team's getting out into the field. Check out the photo below and click through for the full gallery.

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


SurreyHeath-Residents.co.uk has posted behind-the-scenes photos from Matthew Vaughn's "The Secret Service" featuring Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth.

Opens November 14


Here's the newest "Hobbit"-themed couch gag for "The Simpsons."

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