COMIC REEL: Atwell Discusses "Agent Carter," "Guardians of the Galaxy" Preps For Trailer Debut


A new trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy" is scheduled to hit later today, and Marvel has released a new poster and three teaser clips in anticipation.

Opens August 1


Marvel's YouTube channel has posted a new video interview with Hayley Atwell, who spoke briefly about her return as Agent Peggy Carter and the upcoming "Agent Carter" series -- which will span 8 episodes.

"I feel there's a responsibility to make sure she's what everyone wants her to be," said Atwell. "I think over the arc of the 8 episodes, there will be very different facets to who she is, which won't disappoint the fans in making sure she has a story within herself as well as the stories of each episode fighting who she fights against, still battling her own demons and losing the love of her life and the personal cost to her."

Airs 2014-2015 on ABC


"X-Men: Days of Future Past" drops this Friday, and promotion has ramped up pretty high -- three new character-focused videos have debuted on the X-Men Movies YouTube channel: Bishop, Iceman and Colossus.

Adan Canto, who plays Sunspot in the upcoming film, spoke with SuperHeroHype about his time portraying the character in "Days of Future Past."

"We're basically starting off in the future and we're seeing the mutants surviving. They have to be fighting these Sentinels, these 15-foot Sentinels, that are quite invincible," Canto told SuperHeroHype. "We're keeping together, there's been a lot of loss of mutants and the remainder of us are fighting together to beat these guys. Mainly our sequences are just action, action, action, we have to protect them, but once we come together with your 'A' X-Men, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, then we come together to find a solution for this. That's when the travel to the past comes about."

Finally, Collider has posted five clips from "Days of Future Past" and nine minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.

Opens Friday


Speaking of Marvel films, Disney and Marvel's "Big Hero 6" animated film will get a trailer on May 22. The information was released on Friday, which teased a trailer "in 6 days" via a sparse image.

Opens November 7


The Hollywood Reporter has posted details about AMC's Emmy campaign for "The Walking Dead," which features posters of the cast looking their most human.

"We've always said that 'The Walking Dead' is a character drama that asks and explores some very fundamental questions -- what does it mean to survive and how do you hold onto your humanity amidst all these really terrible things happening? This Emmy campaign focuses on those powerful, emotional moments and performances that underscore these very questions," AMC exec vp marketing Linda Schupack told THR. "For the campaign, we wanted to remind Emmy voters of both the beauty of the actors' performances and the powerful story lines that motivated them."

Returns to AMC this Fall


"Godzilla" had a big opening weekend, taking an estimated $93.2 million in the domestic box office with $103 million overseas. Given the amount of time and effort Legendary has put into promoting the film and the box office success, it's likely little surprise that a sequel has reportedly already begun development. No other details were given.

Now in theaters

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