COMIC REEL: "Arrow" Cast & Crew Tease Future; "The Flash" Expands Its Cast


Caity Lotz spoke with CBR about her role as Sara Lance/The Canary and the challenges of bringing the character to life.

"Sometimes it can get hard when you're playing a strong character. You want to protect that strength of the character, and sometimes that can make you want to be unemotional, or not open," Lotz told CBR. "I think that's a trap that you have to really be conscious not to fall into. Knowing that your character still has its strength, even when you give it that humanity, and the emotion, and the weakness. You have to feel it, but then you have to hide it. If you just have it too much out, then you do kind of lose that strength. But if you don't have it at all, then you don't feel for the character. It's got to be there, but you've got to be fighting with that emotion."

Meanwhile, "Arrow" executive producers spoke with reporters at a special screening, discussing the appearance and introduction of Nyssal al Ghul.

"She's second to him [Ra's]," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said. "She's one of the most important figures in the League. They sent their first round of minions to come for Sara, and that didn't go so well for them, so now they're bringing out the big guns. The way Nyssa comes into the story is in a more provocative and surprising way than the last round [of League of Assassins members]."

Newsarama spoke with Marc Guggenheim about what's coming in the series and further possible connections to the DCU.

"I will say that we have a crazy number of DC -- it's funny, there's stuff that will be happening in the middle of this season that we haven't announced yet, that if people think we've done a lot of DC Universe stuff now it pales in comparison to where we're headed. It's really going to be kicked up to a ridiculous degree," Guggenheim told Newsarama. "There's two episodes in a row, where we're keeping the titles secret, because both episodes will just blow people's minds."

Airs Wednesdays on the CW


"The Flash" spinoff had a decent rush of casting news yesterday, including Carlos Valdes announced as Cisco Ramon (better known as Vibe in the comics) and Candice Patton cast as Iris West. The Hollywood Reporter noted that there are two more regular roles for the show to cast: Harrison Wells and Hartley Rathaway. The latter role might be recognized by DC stalwarts -- it's the civilian identity of the Pied Piper, one of The Flash's rogues.


Comic Book Movie has posted an international TV spot for "X-Men: Days of Future Past." Not much to report here, but the movie still looks pretty cool.

Opens May 23


Check out the new TV spot for the next episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." -- watch at your own risk, there are spoilers afoot for last night's episode.

Airs Tuesdays on ABC


Yahoo! Movies has posted the second part of its featurette on "RoboCop," featuring an extended discussion about the ethical concerns raised by the advance of technology in the film, especially as relates to bringing Alex Murphy back to life.

Opens February 12

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