COMIC REEL: Amell Teases Firestorm Look; "Agent Carter" Releases Premiere Synopses


With the "Flash" now on winter hiatus, Robbie Amell gave fans a little something to hold them over. The Firestorm actor teased his fiery character's new look via Instagram.

Late shoot last night. Here's a little behind the scenes shot... #TheFlash #Firestorm 🔥☔️

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Returns to the CW on January 20


Marvel.com has released the synopses for the two episodes that comprise the "Agent Carter" premiere event. The two episodes, titled "Now is Not the End" and "Bridge and Tunnel," see Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter embark on a mission for Howard Stark's (Dominic Cooper).

In the episode "Now is Not the End," Peggy is contacted by old acquaintance Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper, Marvel's "Captain America: The First Avenger") when he is framed for unleashing his deadliest weapons and can trust no one else. To help Peggy clear Stark's name, he insists his butler, Edwin Jarvis, be at her beck and call--whether she likes it or not. But the risk is great: If caught, Agent Carter could be targeted as a traitor and spend the rest of her days in prison...or worse.In the episode "Bridge and Tunnel," Howard Stark's deadliest weapon has fallen into enemy hands, and only Agent Carter can recover it. But can she do so before her undercover mission is discovered by SSR Chief Dooley and Agent Thompson?

Guest stars for the two-hour premiere include Lyndsy Fonseca as Angie, Andre Royo as Spider Raymond, Kyle Bornheimer as Agent Ray Krzeminiski, Ashley Hinshaw as Colleen O'Brien, James Frain as Leet Brannis, Bill Kalmenson as Senator Webster, Lesley Boone as Rose, Costa Ronin as Anton Vanko and many more.

"Now is Not the End" was written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Louis D'Esposito. "Bridge and Tunnel" was written by Eric Pearson and directed by Joe Russo.

Premieres January 6, 2015 on ABC


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Blair Underwood will have a recurring role in the back half of "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" second season as Agent May's ex-husband Dr. Andrew Garner. The former "Ironside" and "L.A. Law" actor is expected to make his debut when the series returns from winter hiatus in March.

Returns in March on ABC


Viewer reaction to Stephen Amell has been intense following this past Wednesday's midseason finale, which -- spoiler alert -- saw Oliver Queen get stabbed and fall off a cliff. The actor has played up the "Arrow is dead for good" angle on both Twitter and Facebook, although the latter post does hint towards his return. Amell wrote:

Facebook. Thank you so much for the enthusiasm spilling out of tonight's fall finale. I've never had anywhere near this amount of feedback. And by feedback, I mostly mean swear words. There were an awful lot of expletives.Seriously though: Despite the title, our show is bigger than any one character. We're going to prove that to you.

Sit tight... January will be here in no time.

Note the use of the word "we"? And Amell's comments about "Arrow" being bigger than Oliver certainly seems to fit in thematically with the upcoming Black Canary trilogy, consisting of episodes 10-12.

The midseason finale marked Ra's al Ghul's (Matt Nable) big debut -- and he really made his presence felt. ComicBook.com called up Ra's creator, and longtime Green Arrow scribe, Denny O'Neill and asked for his take on "Arrow's" adaptation.

"Ra's is a good villain for Batman, and Green Arrow is a Batman-scale figure," said O'Neill. "He's human, which makes for a good interchange. I paid a lot of attention to Ra's last night. I think the actor, Matt Nable, gets it. I think he's dignified. He's tough-looking, he's ruthless. That's about the way that character should be played. I don't have any qualms with the way he was written." O'Neill did have a small qualm with the exclusion of the character's iconic Lazarus Pit.

"That was the most visual gimmick I ever came up with," said O'Neill. "Back before comics in movies and television were even a possibility, I thought 'They'll certainly not miss the opportunity to show him emerging from this seething, boiling pit, crazy as a loon.' But, I learned a long time ago that it's a mistake to try to take something from one medium to another, to take a comic book and throw it onto a television screen. You have to reinvent the story for your own medium."

Returns January 21 on the CW


Comic Book Movie is reporting that Brazilian website Overtice has found emails between Sony Entertainment Chairman Amy Pascal and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" directors Joe and Anthony Russo . CBM has reported that these emails confirm that the Russos will definitely direct "Avengers: Infinity War," but a translation of the site reveals that things aren't as clear.

The translation of the paragraph in question reads: "First is to say that the Brothers Russians ensured Amy Pascal that whatever is decided on The Avengers s 3 - Part 1 and 2 they will not direct the film before making a movie Gray Man for Sony , where they are considering the Robert Downey Jr as the protagonist. During conversations with the Russians in early November of the brothers talking to Amy "A pity that negotiations with Marvel did not work."

Look: this is a paraphrased translation of an email written in English, translated into Portuguese and back into English. The "whatever is decided on" part of the paragraph seems to confirm the rumors that the Russos are in the running for "Infinity War," but it doesn't confirm that they have the job, and any of the many translations could have lost nuance or the actual meaning of the exchange, so hold off on calling this a done deal just yet.


Inquisitr has reported that fans of recently departed character Beth Greene have not given up the fight to see her return from the dead. After starting a Change.org petition, fans have started sending plastic spoons with Beth quotes written on them to the "Walking Dead" offices. The spoon references a souvenir spoon from Washington D.C. that Beth found in the season four episode "Still." The campaign calls for Beth to be brought back via a revelation that her death actually took place in Carol's dream. There's only one big problem: production on "Walking Dead" season five has wrapped, so fans might have to convince the "TWD" higher-ups to not only undo the final scene of the midseason finale, but the entire back half of season five. For more information, you can check out the Facebook page.

Returns February 8 on AMC

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