COMIC REEL: "Agents of SHIELD" Preps for Season Two; McKenzie on "Gotham"


Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." returns this week, and ABC has debuted a couple of new promotional pieces, including the official release of the premiere's cold open and a new season two poster.

For those hoping for a look even further ahead, Spoiler TV has released a number of new photos from the second episode of the season, "Heavy is the Head."

Showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen spoke with Variety about the upcoming season and what challenges face the team.

"Coulson is now director, so what will that mean for him? In the wake of everything that happened last year, what will the [team] dynamics be? What is Fitz's situation, how is he?" Whedon told Variety. "We know he's alive but we don't know what state he's in, and how will that effect the relationship between him and Simmons? And that sort of applies across the board."

Lucy Lawless spoke with CBR News about her role as Isabelle Hartley on the series, and what to expect when the character appears in the season premiere.

"Well, she's a badass girl. You don't want to mess with her. I was very interested in the fact that she's a mercenary," Lawless told CBR. "I quite like people who have a lot of duality. You try to play them as somebody perfectly sensible and likeable, but who does terrible things for a living. I was attracted to that. She's a dangerous gal."

Debuts Tuesday on ABC


The CW has debuted two new trailers for "The Flash" -- not many unseen clips are contained within the 30-second spots, but there's a bit of new voiceover.

Debuts October 7 on The CW


That "Deadpool" movie is happening at Fox, which is super exciting, and nobody seems to be more thrilled than the character's co-creator Rob Liefeld. Newsarama spoke with Liefeld about the decision, and the creator said he is "absolutely beyond thrilled" about the film.

"I'm thrilled for Tim Miller, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and Ryan Reynolds as well as all the guys at Blur Studio! This is a tremendous achievement for them! Rhett and Paul wrote a brilliant, and I don't throw that word around loosely, a brilliant script! Audiences are going to go on the ride of their collective lives with this film as they envisioned it! Tim Miller is a genius, he is brilliant as everyone who witnessed the leaked footage witnessed! There is so much more to come! 'Deadpool' fans will freak out when they see all that Tim and the boys have in store for them!"

Opens February 12, 2016


The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Ben McKenzie about his role as James Gordon in "Gotham" as well as the early dismissal of critics due to the fact that Batman will not appear in the series.

"I find some of the immediate dismissal of the show if it doesn't have Batman in it silly," McKenzie said. "You're not interested in other iterations of mythology that didn't involve Batman. It's sort of silly because for more than 75 years these stories have been interpreted and reinterpreted countless times by countless numbers of artists. Story points will conflict. If you read one comic it'll conflict with another. We're trying to be true to the spirit and a lot of the characterizations. There's this kind of mythological stuff and we embrace the spirit of it and say, 'Come along with me,' to the fans."

Debuts Tonight on FOX


Rumor has it that director David Ayer is currently the frontrunner to helm a "Suicide Squad" film. Reportedly, the film has a script by Justin Marks ("Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li") with Dan Lin ("The LEGO Movie") attached to produce. No further information was provided in Variety's report, other than that the status of the negotiations is currently unknown.


Deadline reports that Roberto Orci has dropped out of the upcoming "Power Rangers" film, which he was set to executive produce, due to the scheduling conflict of directing "Star Trek 3." No other information was provided.

Opens July 22, 2016


Check out a new clip, courtesy Comic Book Movie, of "Big Hero 6" that features Hiro Hamada voice actor Ryan Potter.

Opens November 8


Disney XD has debuted a new trailer for "Star Wars Rebels," with a bit of new footage included within.

Debuts October 13 on Disney XD

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