Comic Pitches Should Be Good

Tom Stillwell is currently shopping around a new comic book series (with artist Ryan Cody) to various comic book publishers, trying to get it picked up, and I thought it would be cool to let him give his pitch here. So here it is...Tom Stillwell's pitch for "Jackpot."


On an Earth without superheroes, a random handful of people across the globe discover they have special powers. These newly powered people consider themselves blessed. Until they realize their powers are only temporary, usually disappearing unexpectedly with fatal results.

These people become known as Random Evolution Victims (REVs) and are told not to use their powers. Everyday new REVs appear, all of them knowing the clock is running.

Each issue of the mini-series highlights three different REVs, all unrelated, with no plot connecting them. Each story is one and done, a short glimpse into the lives these special people. Ryan Cody, artist from Viper's Villains, will be handling the illustration.

The idea for the book came to me after watching a Fox special about people who won huge money lotteries or jackpots and ended up ruining their lives. They all blamed the sudden wealth as the cause for their problems. I'm not buying it.

The guy with poor money management skills will still misuse his wealth no matter the amount. A drunk will still be a drunk whether rich or poor. Money wasn't the cause of their individual downfalls. They were.

That's the premise of Jackpot. Ordinary folks gifted with extraordinary powers, making hard choice. Not everyone will be a good person. Not all choices will be smart ones.

I gave away over hundred copies of the Jackpot ashcan on Free Comic Book Day at Cape 3 in Dallas. People loved it and wanted more. I think they really were able to relate with the characters and their situations. This can be a very popular book if handled properly.

Here is the cover of the book and four sample pages (click on the pages to enlarge them):

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