Comic Pants: New blog created by reviewers from Fourth Rail, Ain't It Cool News

Official Press Release

Longtime online critics Randy Lander (The Fourth Rail) and Dave Farabee (Ain't It Cool News) have joined with two other Austin-based reviewers to launch Comic Pants (www.comicpants.com), a brand new comic book review and commentary blog.

Joining Lander and Farabee in this endeavor are Nick Budd and David Martindale. Martindale also serves as lead designer and technician for the new site. All four writers work at Dragon's Lair Comics in Round Rock, Texas.

Comic Pants is anchored by "Wednesday Number Ones", a weekly feature updating every Wednesday morning that will provide commentary on every first issue coming to comic shops that day. In addition, the site will feature regularly updated reviews from all four contributors, Lander's popular Previews forecast column "Down the Line" and more.

Comic Pants is a serious review site with a sense of humor, as indicated by the unusual name, which was suggested by Dave Farabee during a brainstorming session.

"We wanted something that would stick in peoples' minds," said Lander. "And hey, you'll remember Comic Pants, right?"

In addition to reviews and other text-based content, the Comic Pants team expects to begin providing podcasts as of mid-to-late September.

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