Comic Legends: The X-Men/Silver Surfer Crossover That Never Was

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There was almost an X-Men: Hidden Years Annual by John Byrne and Terry Austin teaming up the X-Men and Silver Surfer.



One of the coolest little bits back in old Marvel Comics stories was when they would toss in little asides to show how the rest of the Marvel Universe was reacting a major event. Like Doctor Strange perking his ears up, "Oh? Is something happening?" That sort of thing.

Well, when Phoenix became Dark Phoenix in X-Men #135, we got one of those scenes...

In the years to follow, people would occasionally ask John Byrne if that Silver Surfer panel was setting up a plot that never happened. It sure seemed like he was headed to go see Phoenix. As it were, it was just a throwaway panel and never intended to be anything more...until it almost WAS!

As it turned out, John Byrne was planning to do a special extra-sized X-Men: Hidden Years 25th issue with Terry Austin on inks that would show an untold tale of the X-Men with Silver Surfer set in that little moment.

Hidden Years was Byrne filling in the gaps on what happened during the period when the X-Men series had gone to reprint-only status...

It was going in chronological order, but #25 would have been its own little thing, set off from the main series.

Sadly, X-Men: The Hidden Years was canceled with issue #22, so we never got to see what sounds like an awesome story.

Maybe some day in the future, Byrne might come back to Marvel to do it! I doubt it (he doesn't seem interested in returning to Marvel ever), but hey, ya never know!

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