Comic Legends: Did Rogue Nearly Become a Cosmic Hero?

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Rogue almost became a cosmic hero after "House of M."


Basically True

Brian Michael Bendis, Olivier Coipel and Tim Townsend's "House of M" was about the Avengers and X-Men trying to figure out what to do about the Scarlet Witch, who was in the custody of her father, Magneto. They even considered the possibility that they might have to kill her if she could not control her powerful reality-altering powers. Her brother, Quicksilver, ran to her and had her then use her powers to change the world so that mutants (specifically their father, Magnus) were the dominant class on Earth. Slowly but surely, though, a handful of heroes regained their real memories. They then decided that they had to do an all-out assault on the House of Magnus.

There were a few things that Brian Michael Bendis talked about a lot in the lead up to "House of M." One was how this was going to be an event with actual lasting changes on characters. The other was that this was such a rough situation that characters who normally limit their powers would be cutting loose.

Bendis even has Cyclop specifically say as much before the final battle in "House of M" #6...

So in that final battle, Rogue cuts loose and absorbs the powers of both Namor and Storm...

The next issue, though, Rogue goes even further, and also absorbs the powers of Genis-Vell...

That ended up just being a one-time deal. However, in an Post-Mortem interview he did with Newsarama after the crossover finished, Bendis explained that Rogue having Genis-Vell's powers was going to be something that he intended to last beyond "House of M." It was going to be one of the lasting changes (like the mutants who lost their powers at the end of the series).

However, the X-Books weren't interested in pursuing that plot (Peter Milligan had a plotline upcoming in "X-Men" with Rogue, Gambit and Mystique) so it only lasted as long as "House of M."

That would have been a fascinating change for Rogue. I'd have liked to have seen it last for a little bit.

Thanks to Newsarama and Brian Michael Bendis for the cool information!

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