Comic Legends: Did Hanna-Barbera Threaten to Sue over Bedrock's Name?

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Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the seven hundred and eighth installment where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false.

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Hanna-Barbera threatened to sue Youngblood over the use of the name of the character, Bedrock.



Reader Frank K. wrote in to ask:

I was re-reading my early Youngblood comics (Image) and saw that their "rocky" giant was called Bedrock. Later, his name inexplicably changed to Badrock. Some one told me it was because they were being sued by Warner Bros (parent company of DC) over copyright infringement with the Flinstones. Is this true?

In the first issue of Rob Liefeld's Youngblood series, which sold something like a gazillion issues back in 1992, we meet the team members of Youngblood and one of them is named Bedrock...

In issue #3, we even get to see Bedrock crack out his Flintstones' inspired battle cry...

He uses it again in #4...

He is referred to as Bedrock in #5...

But on a late night talk show appearance in Youngblood #6, he is now called Badrock...

The same with the following issue, which has that classic Badrock cover that homages Brent Anderson and Ron Wilson's cover for Thing #6...

Okay, obviously there was a change for some reason.

In Spawn #12, Todd McFarlane poked a little fun and said it was because of a threatened lawsuit...

I asked Rob Liefeld about it and he explained the truth, "The Flintstones movie was announced in 1992 and I anticipated a legal action if I did not alter the name. I wanted no part of it, changed it to Badrock. Todd always thought I was overly paranoid, he felt I would prevail if anything occurred and expressed it through humor here. "

Thanks so much for the information, Rob!

There ya go, Frank! Thanks for the question! And thanks to my buddy, Gene, as well, who did some research on this for me (he thought Todd McFarlane mentioned it in a Spawn letter column).

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