Comic Legends Addendum: Before He Was Black Panther...

This week's Comic Book Legends Revealed is about how Jack Kirby originally had Black Panther's face visible in his costume, but in post-production, the mask covered up his entire face (the way it remains to this day).

Well, some folks were interested in learning about Jack Kirby's original plans for the Black Panther, so here ya go, Black Panther's original drawing for the Black Panther when he was going to be called...the Coal Tiger!

I originally was going to use a pin-up of the costume from an old issue of Jungle Action, but then Jeremy Kirby was kind enough to send me a picture of the ORIGINAL drawing, and that's always going to be cooler than a reprint! So that's what I went with above.

In addition, during the early 1990s, Bob Harras was doing a storyline during his run on the Avengers (along with art team Steve Epting and Tom Palmer) where he would feature alternate reality versions of different Marvel heroes.

Here is the Black Panther alternate - note the name...

Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks so much to Jeremy for the drawing!!

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