Comic Legends: A Surprising Superman TV News Reference

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A song from a Superman musical was the theme song to a top TV news show for years.



Bob Holiday, who played Superman/Clark Kent in the 1966 Broadway musical, "It's a Bird -- It's a Plane--It's Superman!" passed away recently at the age of 84.

In respect of Bob's passing and in honor of his life, reader Allen R. wrote in with a fascinating piece of information about the musical.

Now, you may or may not know that the musical did not do particularly well (don't feel bad for the guys behind the show, as Charles Strouse and Lee Adams had a lot more success with the next comic character that they adapted into a musical - Little Orphan Annie). However, it had a surprising legacy in the world of television news.

You see, WTOP-TV Channel 9 in Washington DC took a piece of the overture from the musical and it ran as their theme song for over a DECADE!

WTOP-TV had one of the top news teams in the country (Along with New York City, DC anchors tend to be well-respected across the country, due to the whole "capital of the country and center of the government" thing).

They started using it as their theme for all their news shows in 1972 and stopped using it around 1982/83.

I'm sure millions of viewers over the years never realized that they were listening to music from a Superman musical whenever they watched the evening news!

Thanks to Allen for the suggestion - it's a very nice tribute to Bob Holiday.

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